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Product Tour: Turnkey Video Content from

June 18 2013

market videosReferrals and repeat business are the lifeblood of any healthy real estate practice. So it's disheartening to hear that nearly 70% of consumers forget the name of their real estate agent within a year of purchasing their home.

It's a statistic that underscores how vital it is to keep in touch with former clients. By staying in regular contact, you help ensure that your customers not only remember your name, but that you're the first agent they call when it's time to sell their home.

Sending an annual holiday card or fridge calendar won't cut it these days, though. Social media and drip marketing solutions are far more dynamic options, but their success depends on the quality of the content that you're sharing. Constant emails about your latest listings, for example, bores everyone except those actively looking for homes. Instead, provide content that's useful to as much of your sphere as possible. Keep people engaged and you're well on the road to developing long-term relationships.

VScreen, Century 21's official video marketing agency, aims to help real estate pros do just that. Their new video content solution,, delivers localized market videos to agents every month.

These videos educate viewers on local market conditions, including popular statistics like active inventory and median listing price. Agents can share the videos with their database via a branded email newsletter or by linking to their video profile page. Videos can also be embedded onto websites and blogs, or uploaded to YouTube.

Here's a quick glimpse at more features:

  • Available in two formats - Videos can be viewed, shared and embedded in's native video player. Users also have the option of downloading the video file for upload to YouTube, Vimeo, or other video service.
  • Lead capture -'s native player lets you capture viewer information for easy follow-up.
  • All-device compatibility - Agent video channels are created with HTML5, ensuring that they're compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • Get as local as you want - The platform lets agents get as precise as they want when selecting an area to generate videos for. Get content localized by city, zip code, county, MLS area, and beyond.
  • Powerful metrics - Market Videos are produced in conjunction with metrics from Terradatum, for qualified agents.
  • Bonus marketing videos - The email newsletter that provides subscribers also includes consumer-focused videos with tips on gardening, home design, mortgages, selecting an agent, and more.

View a Sample Video

Curious to find out what the videos look like? See below for a preview.


Free Trial for RE Technology Readers

Try it for yourself! RE Technology readers can get free access to the platform until July 4 with promo code RETECH.

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