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8 Browser Extensions for ChatGPT

May 24 2023

chat gpt laptopChatGPT is here to stay. However, for now, it's penned up in its environment on OpenAI (and its new iOS app), and anytime you want to use it, you have to schlep over there or open the app.

While that's not exactly a hardship, it is inconvenient when you want its help on, say, writing an email or social media post. That's why we've rounded up this list of ChatGPT browser extensions. They bring the power of ChatGPT directly into Gmail and social media, summarize web pages and videos, and so much more.

Check out these eight Chrome browser extensions out to see how they can help streamline your real estate business:

1. Talk-to-ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT requires writing a lot of prompts. If spoken conversation is more your speed, this extension lets you talk aloud to ChatGPT. Use it to get help with tasks, generate content, and even just have a conversation.

2. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube videos…sometimes you just don't want to watch them! Whether it's the time commitment or that you're in a place where you don't want to use audio, there are plenty of reasons to go "Ugh…" when encountering a video online.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT brings the efficiency and convenience of skimming an article to video. This extension summarizes videos, giving you the gist without you having to watch the entire thing.

3. Merlin

Speaking of summarizing, this extension will summarize not only videos but articles across the web. It can also translate languages and create content for Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

Your ChatGPT output is only as good as the prompts you put into it. The ChatGPT Prompt Genius extension helps you to create better ChatGPT prompts. Consider it your in-browser prompt coach.

5. TweetGPT

Still on Twitter? If your efforts there have lagged recently, whip your profile back into shape with TweetGPT. This extension can help you to improve your Twitter engagement by generating creative and interesting tweets and replies.

6. Engage AI for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of those social media channels that are often neglected in real estate marketing. Neglect no more with this extension, which works right in the comment field of LinkedIn so you can engage your sphere with sparkling, witty remarks!

7. ChatGPT for Google

Supercharge your Google searches with ChatGPT for Google. This extension shows you Google search results alongside ChatGPT responses for the same query. And if Google isn't your search engine of choice, no worries—this also works with Bing, DuckDuckGo, and more.

8. ChatGPT Writer

When you started in real estate, did you realize how much writing was in store for you? From emails to listing descriptions and various marketing materials, writing skills are always in demand in this career.

ChatGPT Writer lets you harness the power of AI to write emails and other messages. It can help you to improve your writing style, generate more engaging content, and save lots and lots of time.