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The Ideal Closing Gift for Your Buyer

June 22 2023

iguide closing gift buyersHow many thank you gift baskets and flower arrangements have you presented to congratulate buyers on their new homes? Sure, it's the thought that counts, but isn't it time to give your buyers something more valuable to keep you on their minds for months and years to come?

A suite of photographs, floor plans, and 3D tours, like those offered by iGUIDE, is a unique closing gift that provides great long term value. iGUIDE offers multiple benefits for your clients and is also a continuous reminder of your brand.

Identify with the space

Great real estate photography, 3D tours and floor plans are more than eye-catching marketing material. These tools help buyers identify with spaces by creating a connection that ultimately leads to purchasing a home. But when the keys are handed over on closing day, buyers unfortunately no longer have access to all that valuable information about their newly purchased property.

Here is where iGUIDE and agents can fill the void. Instead of just gifting the new homeowner with a glorious array of tropical flowers, give them a way to appreciate their new residence with a complete understanding of every square foot. An iGUIDE offers multiple ways for a buyer to get comfortable in their home. Floor plan measurements and virtual tours can be shared with movers, making the change of residence a smooth transition. Accurate measurements for furniture placement eliminate the need to rearrange things multiple times. Also, 3D tours let friends and family members participate in the excitement of a new home no matter where they are located.

Help with design and renovations

Every homeowner likes to add personal touches to their home. Whether it is design modifications or major renovations, they still need to figure out a cost. An iGUIDE closing gift gives your buyer the perfect tool to help calculate the price of supplies by using advanced measurement tools. Measurements can be captured from multiple points in 2D or 3D space. Changing flooring, cabinetry or doorways are major projects and your buyer will appreciate the ability to budget accurately for all the construction costs they'll require before initiating any demolition. Design isn't always about physical changes to the property; it also includes interior design. With an iGUIDE, floor plan measuring for new furniture and window treatments is easy. Buying furniture that doesn't fit will be a thing of the past, as your clients will now be able to use the measurement tools to determine how much space is required.

Working with permits and contractors

The house closing date is often the beginning of a long list of changes for the new owner. Not everyone is a do-it-yourself kind of person. When a home renovation project is more than just a couple of cans of paint, permits and outside help can be a must. Home buyers can help speed up the process by supplying their newly gifted iGUIDE to their contractors. The accurately measured floor plans can help get approval for potential development permits as municipalities often require drawings "to scale" for renovation projects. iGUIDE uniquely contains all the measurements, floorplans, photos and 3D virtual tours allowing everyone involved in the construction process access to accurate information.

Insurance claims and replacement costs

How does your buyer's insurance company calculate replacement costs when there is a claim? Most insurance adjusters visit the home "after" there has been an incident. What if your buyer could provide proof of quality before any potential disaster? Documented quality of finishing, personal items and measurements are crucial when settling a claim with an insurance adjuster. Not only does iGUIDE give the homeowner the advantage of providing proof, but it will also make any future claims process quicker and more transparent for everyone involved. They will appreciate your thoughtful closing gift when determining what needs to be replaced. The complete iGUIDE package also provides a visual keepsake of irreplaceable items.

iGUIDE keeps you in the loop

The house closing date is not the end for real estate agents. Home buyers often become a seller at some point or know someone who wants to list their property. What better way to keep your name coming to mind than to give them a way to share the closing gift repeatedly? The iGUIDE contains your branding, and when your buyer is ready to sell, your name and contact information are already at their fingertips. Satisfied buyers willingly share their real estate adventures with friends and family, providing you with priceless referrals.

Real estate agent closing gifts are an appreciation for choosing you above the other agents in your area. Gift cards, flower arrangements and a basket of fruit give instant gratification, but if you want to give something with lasting value that doesn't end up forgotten after a couple of weeks, choose iGUIDE. Help your buyer stay connected long after you've handed over the keys.

To learn more about all that iGUIDE offers, visit goiguide.com/showcase.