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Why Use 3D Tours to Engage Buyers?

March 01 2022

iguide How to engage buyersImpact. If you want to have an impact on your real estate marketing, think of 3D tours. Photos are useful to present a two-dimensional picture of a property, but with 3D tours, you not only paint the picture but you make the picture come to life. Videos can help the consumer comprehend a space quickly and can deepen the emotional attachment. Here are the top ways to engage buyers using 3D tours.

The stage

Preparation for your new listing begins with staging. Work with the seller and provide them with candid ways to get their home ready for shooting professional 3D tours, photos, and videos. Identify areas within the home that require cleaning, decluttering, and adjustment of furniture placement.

Engaging with buyers

Have your 3D tours ready to share on a variety of different platforms. Naturally, the first choice is to make sure you link the 3D tour to your MLS listing information. From there you can connect and share with existing leads, fellow agents, and prospective clients. is the largest most popular platform for showcasing your listings and with every virtual tour you are reaching hundreds or thousands of potential buyers.

Social sharing

According to Social Media Week, 82% of all online traffic will be in the form of video in 2022. Currently, 78% of people watch online videos weekly. Considering these numbers, engaging potential buyers with a 3D tour through Facebook ads, your Instagram profile, and other social media is an excellent way to grab attention. Consumers love watching videos and NAR's 2021 generational report states that 58% of buyers reported videos as important on their journey to purchase a new home.

Teaser post

Before your listing goes live share a teaser post on your website before posting the entire 3D tour. Some of the best rooms for small snippets of information are the kitchen and master bedroom. Offering a short video post is like a movie trailer—it's a way to sieze attention and create a desire for the entire virtual tour.


Did you know that engaging buyers with 3D tours can lead to more sales and longer periods of interaction as a result of watching the video? Video helps buyers to retain information about your listings and according to Quick Sprout, consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product after viewing an online video.

Write your own script

Use your 3D tours for virtual showings and virtual open houses. Take a few minutes to create a script to align with the virtual tour of the home highlighting the floor plan and features. Once you have it perfected, you can go ahead and share it directly with the consumer through a text message. You stay in control of the virtual showing and can interact with potential buyers at every turn.

Video walk-through

Post a video walk-through on your website to increase your buyer leads. According to recent HubSpot data, 84% of marketers say video improves your lead generation. Engaging with buyers by using 3D virtual tours not only provides awareness of your brand and each listing but can help you make the sale faster with better leads.

3D tours impact your sales and marketing in positive ways. From better-qualified buyers to happy sellers, iGUIDE improves the way you do business.