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8 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for April

April 06 2023

springIn March, we started a monthly series that shared marketing ideas specific to each month. Now, we're back with more ideas you can use to kickstart your real estate marketing efforts. Read on for eight marketing ideas for April:

1. Easter, Easter, Easter

Easter is the most prominent holiday of April—but it's coming up fast! While there's not much time to do something more involved, like hosting an Easter egg hunt, you can still send Easter greetings to your database, or create Easter-themed posts on social media. Highlight Easter events in your community or local retail sales (e.g., where can you find the best Easter candy?). An online tool like Canva can help you create attractive graphics in a snap.

And while there might not be time to host an event of your own, if your association, brokerage, church, or other local organization is hosting an event, you can show your face there.

2. Host a virtual workshop on home renovations that bring in $$$

Partner with local experts to provide valuable tips and advice for homeowners via Zoom or another live streaming platform. But don't make it any old seminar—appeal directly to homeowners' bottom line by highlighting the renovations that increase property values, like:

3. Create a local events calendar

Spring is here, and the school year will be over in just a couple of months. What does that mean? Summer events galore! Help your contacts gain awareness of the events in your community by creating a local events calendar. Include events like farmer's markets, outdoor concerts, and more.

You can print and mail copies out, email it to your database, or post it on your website and social media. Your calendar can contain events for the entire season, or you can break it up and share it monthly for more frequent touchpoints with your database.

4. Highlight Earth Day

Energy efficiency is top of mind for many consumers these days, especially because of the outrageous increase in natural gas prices this past winter. Highlight energy-efficient home features that can help reduce heating and cooling costs, or share tips on reducing energy expenditure. Check out these articles for ideas:

5. Launch a social media contest or giveaway

Host an Instagram giveaway that requires people to follow your account and tag a friend in the comments for a chance to win a gift card to a local restaurant or home improvement store. You can file this idea under Things that are mutually beneficial to both you and your followers—you build your following and your followers get something for free.

See Hold the Ultimate Social Media Contest with This Helpful Timeline for more information.

6. Partner with a local food truck for your open houses

It's no secret that real estate buyers are more hesitant to jump into the market these days, thanks to mortgage rates and high home prices. Drum up interest by making your open houses stand out by inviting a local food truck to your event. This can help create a fun and memorable experience for potential buyers—and helps you build your database.

7. Create a series of informative videos on home buying or selling tips

Consumers are insatiable when it comes to videos. Go where your leads are and start creating real estate videos for your platform(s) of choice, whether that's YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or beyond. It doesn't have to be an intensive process, either: just turn on your phone's camera and start sharing your knowledge (don't, as they say, let perfect be the enemy of good). Here are some posts that can help:

8. Host a virtual book club for real estate enthusiasts

The best marketing strategies are ones that you're enthusiastic about. If you're a big reader, consider hosting a virtual book club for like-minded individuals. There are tons of books out there about real estate investing, real estate basics, mindset and motivation, business, and more. Choose a book and invite clients, colleagues, and friends to participate in discussions.

Here are a few book ideas to get you started: