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planetRE Rolls out RealEstate ChatGPT

April 02 2023

planetre newplanetRE announced a new Enterprise AI platform called Chocolatechips.ai. The platform was developed in collaboration with leading researchers and globally embeds new technology in AI imaging, video, text and avatars. It can be used by a single user or by teams with permission-based sharing and collaboration of content.

Chocolatechips.ai is the first platform with optimized deep learning specific to real estate and planetRE intends to extend the platform to other leading verticals. Most AI platforms in the market today are generalized, and hence a specific domain practitioner takes a longer time adapting it to their business. One of the big challenges is what question to even ask the AI system on an ongoing basis to keep generating meaningful marketing content.

The new platform has been rapidly learning the real estate ecosystem related to consumer purchases, rentals, loans and home improvement, enabling a quick onboarding and adoption of the new AI Content Generator by practitioners.

This content can in turn be used within the system to instantly create email, blogs and social media marketing that is now specific to the real estate domain. This step is a precursor to adopt valuable AI tools, as it offers a rich library of learning to influence the creation of text, imagery and video. There is voice-to-text and text-to-voice embedded with branded agent avatars for personalization with clients. Future versions will see new forms of synthetic computing.

"AI tech has been growing at a rapid pace in all fronts," said Subrao Shenoy, CEO of planetRE. "The connection of AI to a business domain practice is crucial to be adopted, and this platform offers that bridge. We believe domain specific customizations will accelerate AI within large verticals."