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Social Media Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Leverage

October 11 2022

elm st social media tools leverage 1Social media is one of the most reliable and powerful ways to find new leads and broaden your pool of potential clients. However, there's far more available to you as a real estate agent than being able to easily post your listings.

By harnessing the power of the right social media tools, you'll master your marketing strategy and prospect with ease.

Social media metrics

There are over a dozen different social media metrics to track. However, one of the most important across all platforms is engagement. Engagement is essential to social media strategy because by tracking the total number of likes, retweets, shares or even simple emoji reactions, you gain actionable insights into your audience and their relationship with your content.

In a perfect world, every member of your audience would interact with every post. However, the number of people who actually interact with your posts will always be smaller than your total follower count. Knowing this number — and the people behind it — is a powerful way to qualify your leads and gain new exposure.

Promoters and post-boosters

Most social media platforms utilize algorithms to determine which content reaches which feed. While these algorithms are built on some of the very same social media tools you're using, they're not always beneficial to your business. Sometimes it might be necessary to bypass the algorithm — that's where promotion comes into play.

Promoters, boosters, blazers — all your social media platforms have an option for paid promotion. Even if you don't use everything in the social media management platform for a full-blown paid ad campaign, you can use these promotion tools to get your posts in front of more people.

Two-way communications

Successful use of social media tools also requires your regular input. Actively encouraging and engaging in conversations with potential clients on social media will grow your brand awareness and make you a trusted, familiar presence on their feed.

Two-way communications can mean comments on your posts, direct messages and chat features. To encourage communication, include a question for your audience in your posts or invite people to comment and share their thoughts. Answer any inquiry via chat or direct message promptly and thoroughly, and the resulting conversation will be more effective.

Content and hashtags

All of these tracking strategies and use of social media analytics only work when you have something to share. You still need to actually create social media posts, so your audience has something to engage with. This is another area where it's essential to think beyond social media channels as a place to share listings — you also need quality content to succeed.

For content creation, rely on your blog posts, Instagram Reels and engaging infographics. Regularly providing relevant content to your audience will boost your online presence and further your social media marketing goals.

Adding relevant or trending hashtags to your content curation strategy will also help your audience grow. All major social media platforms have some sort of tagging system to help users follow trending topics or find information about their chosen subject. Use both concepts to your advantage — just remember to stay relevant to your audience's needs and interests.

Having multiple social media accounts with built-in metrics and other strategic features can help you monitor the progress of your current strategies and find new opportunities for growth. Do you have social media performance included in your real estate marketing efforts? If not, now is the perfect time to dive in.

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