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Apps That Can Make Your Holiday More Productive

December 28 2011

We spotted this cool little post, authored by Tom Gonser, on the DocuSign blog.

The holiday season is a crazy busy time for me as an executive in a fast moving company. This time of year, I add things to my already full schedule like shopping, parties, travel, and year-end wrap-ups for financial planning—making for some crazy days. However, it is actually getting easier to work on ten things at once while staying connected to business and family because of some great mobile applications. Yes, apps can help you get more done and stay connected during the holidays!

To that end, I wanted to share some of the apps that make it possible for me to be more productive wherever I am:

  • EvernoteEvernote – Keep track of all your stuff on all your devices. Evernote lets you organize your notes, to-do lists, and documents into notebooks for any topic you want and sync them from any device. The best part is you can share with colleagues, family, and friends (great for the holiday party planning and gift shopping, not to mention the professional uses).
  • Scanner ProScanner Pro – Love this app for capturing my receipts for expense reports. It allows me to use my phone's camera to take a picture, then ‘scans’ my receipts into super clear black and white PDF files that are small, and can be saved to my cloud storage.
  • DropBoxDropBox – This app is a fantastic way to keep all your important documents available on all your devices. It is also a great way to share folders with others so you are not emailing documents back and forth (it's safer, more secure and much less taxing on your inbox). Of course you can open any file from DropBox with DocuSign Ink to quickly and easily sign it.
  • FlipboardFlipboard – Not a true productivity app, BUT it ties all my social accounts and the news I want into one really great interface. My one place to go see what's going on, and in today’s customer-centric world with Facebook, Twitter, and blogs being so real-time, this is a great tool.
  • BoxBox – It’s impossible for me to function without cloud-based collaboration. My company uses Box to collaborate on all sorts of projects, and it is awesome for handling versions, conversations, and slide decks.  Box also integrates with DocuSign so you can get signatures for contracts and other documents you store on Box anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • DocuSignDocuSign – I couldn’t write a blog post about productivity without talking about DocuSign! DocuSign gives me a crystal clear view of what is going on with all my contracts. Clickable graphs show what deals are still out, and what have closed. It is getting toward the end of the year, so I watch that even more during the holidays. I can also easily send from templates, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, or Google if I need to get something signed fast.
  • DocuSign InkDocuSign Ink – Your Personal Electronic Signature in the cloud. DocuSign Ink lets you sign anything people send you – email attachments, shared files, whatever.  DocuSign Ink frees you from the print-sign-scan-fax-ship time and money-suck. You can set up DocuSign Ink using your favorite social network, and your signatures are secured in the Cloud. It's amazing how much time this app has saved me.

There are plenty of other great apps out there, but those are some of my faves. What about you? What are your must-have iPhone and iPad apps for productivity? How will you make the New Year even more productive?

View the original article on the DocuSign blog.