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Simple, Proven Tips for Breaking through with Virtual Open Houses

June 07 2020

coffee chat patty mcnease headshotVirtual open houses are here to stay! They provide a great way for consumers to view a whole slew of houses before they decide which ones they would like to see in person. A virtual open house allows an agent to demonstrate their selling skills and highlight every strong feature of the property they are representing. And a virtual open houses even helps the environment and keeps homeowners and potential buyers safer—win, win all the way around!

Patty McNease, VP of Marketing at, shared some simple, but effective ways to make your virtual open houses the best they can be during a recent Coffee Chat. Here are three key takeaways to help you become an expert at virtual open houses:

1. Get high quality, yet affordable equipment

Patty recommends investing in some core photography equipment that will make your life a whole lot easier:

  • Tripod – They make it a lot easier to hold the camera steady and avoid the jumpiness you sometimes see in videos. She recommends the UBeesize Tripod S, available on Amazon for $21.99.
  • Microphone – Patty also recommends a lavalier microphone you can attach to your clothing to keep your hands free, also available at Amazon here for $25.99.

2. Tips for better virtual tours

  • Create a shot list
    • Angles matter
    • Start outside or at the home's best feature
    • Natural viewpoints
  • Lighting
    • Time of day
    • Lights on/off
  • Stage furniture/objects
  • Show off outside spaces
  • Clean!
  • Conform to MLS rules for branding

3. Tips for virtual open houses

  • Test software before you go live or host a tour
  • Practice (your route in the house, etc.)
  • Create a story
  • Prepare questions to answer about the home
  • Dress the part
  • Open all doors prior to starting
  • Open the platform a minimum of five minutes before start time
  • Start at the best feature OR on the outside of the house with the door open
  • Walk slowly and talk clearly
  • If on Facebook, use a public setting
  • If possible, record the event

Watch the full recording here:

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