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Detecting Thieves Posing as Buyers, Part 3

May 25 2020

Got a buyer whose behavior sets off alarm bells in your mind? They may actually be a thief.

Over the past few weeks, we've been introducing you to behavioral "tells" that indicate a buyer may be a burglar. Last week, you learned about a scam called "The Couple's Play." In this week's video, you'll learn all about "The Neat Freak."

In this scam, the thief disguised as a buyer will "dust check" a window. Seems harmless enough, right? Well, what they're actually doing is unlocking the window so that they can come back later in order to burglarize the home.

Watch the video above to learn other behaviors that suggest your buyer is preparing to burglarize a listing.

Catch up with the full series on spotting thieves below: