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Detecting Thieves Posing as Buyers, Part 2

May 19 2020

Have a buyer who's flirting with you during a home tour? How about a buyer who complains about their spouse?

If your buyers are a couple, and one wanders off into the house while the other distracts you, they may actually be a couple of thieves.

In part one of this series, we showed you how to look for signs that buyers are actually criminals casing the listing they're touring. This week, we look at a common scam—The Couple's Play—that thieves use to outright steal during a showing, or to plan a future burglary.

Watch the video above to learn:

  • Why couples who separate during a tour may actually be thieves
  • The common behaviors thieves display to distract you
  • What you can do when you suspect your buyers are actually burglars

Stay tuned next week for the final part of this series!