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WATCH NOW: Top 5 Secrets from Top Producing Agents to Navigate These Times

April 14 2020

Our Coffee Chat series is a big hit because we've had such great guests giving us practical and affordable advice about how to ride out the COVID-19 storm while preparing ourselves to be ready to go when the floodgates open after our shelter-in-place orders have been lifted. With all of the new skills we're learning, we believe that our NEXT normal way of doing business is going to be easier and more profitable than ever!

Mike Minard, CEO/Owner of Delta Media Group, joined us Friday and shared some great tips. Below are the five key takeaways from his session, Top 5 Secrets from Top Producing Agents to Navigate These Times. Watch the session recording here:

Five tips for you:

1. Embrace Change

  • Learn how to do virtual open houses and virtual showings.

2. Upgrade Your Marketing

  • Get active on social media with helpful tips for your clients and prospects
  • Reach out to each of your clients and reassure your clients that real estate will rebound
  • Deliver market reports, RPR reports, etc. to show them that the real estate market and the value of their home is still strong
  • Educate them about the low, low mortgage rates available right now.

3. Organize Your Client Relationship Management Software

  • Make sure all of your contacts from all sources — MLS, phone, sticky notes, etc. — are ALL entered into your Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool
  • Organize your CRM contacts into groups so you can customize your communications by area, interests, family make-up, length of time since they purchased a home, the place you met them, etc.
  • Tag each contact in your CRM so you can send notes to many that sound personalized. For example, if you know they are interested in high school sports, you can send them updates from the local school.

4. Provide Real-time Communications and Upgrade the Reasons to Engage with Your Website

  • Sign up for updates from your local town and county so you can provide real-time COVID-19 updates
  • Sign up for updates from your local banks and unemployment office so you can provide updates on how to apply for relief benefits
  • Take the time to update your website with bio, awards and designations
  • Add testimonials to your website
  • Add market reports to your websites – saved searches, market performance/analytics, etc.
  • Watch your website closely for inbound leads. Respond immediately – leads coming in are more qualified than ever.

5. Customize Your Marketing Plans

  • Using the tags/groups you have built, provide customized content that is sensitive to COVID-19 attitudes
  • Reach out to specific groups with content specific to their interests.

Tune in for more daily Coffee Chats at 12pm ET/9am PT with our president and host Marilyn Wilson. Here are RE Technology's guests for our upcoming Coffee Chats: