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Using Video in Your Marketing Content

December 05 2011

Recently, I wrote about the benefits of YouTube and why it’s important to have real estate video tours. Expanding on that idea, there is value in using video in your marketing materials as well. If you do your research, it’s possible to record your own video or get one made without breaking the bank… but the question is, what do you want the video to communicate besides virtual tours/walk-throughs?

Here are 5 ideas to help you get started/continue using video in marketing content.

1. Get to know you
Use the video, no more than a minute or two, to introduce yourself to potential and current clients. Be honest and show them the person they’ll be getting the chance to work with if they sell or purchase a house with you. Above all, don’t be afraid to show your personality. Is your strength your sense of humor? Make it a spoof of a well-known TV show or YouTube clip. This isn’t a commercial for your services necessarily, but instead an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential clients.

2. Local events
You already know all the local events going on, and are hopefully blogging about them! Re-purpose this and make a quick video showcasing some of them. The video can show you walking through an arts and crafts fair, local museum (quietly of course) or school fundraiser. You can talk to your viewers about the great events that make up your community and what they will be able to get involved in by choosing to purchase nearby!

3. Local real estate market content
A video is a great way to show your expertise on the area as well as your knowledge for the real estate market. Discuss current trends, home sale prices, etc. Video form as opposed to an email or blog post can be beneficial so the viewers get to see you talk about your industry with passion. That passion helps prove that you are the right person for the job.

4. Staging a home for a walk-through
Another great way to make the best out of video is to use it to show clients you you can help stage their home for a walk through. Using video will allow you to show the before and after of the staging and can help show the importance of decluttering, using minimal personal photos, etc. Show sellers the best ways you know to bring enough personality into the home, while still allowing potential buyers to imagine their lives there.

5. Video testimonials
These are perhaps one of the most powerful marketing tools to have in your arsenal (and can also be re-purposed into email and hard-copy form when needed). After a successful sale or purchase, have the clients that are willing give a few blurbs about working with you and record them in a few different new home stages (coming into their home for the first time, giving them the keys, kids jumping into their new pool).

Try to stay away from a “talking head,” where the viewers just see a person giving a monologue on their time with you, to avoid having the testimonials appear insincere or too rehearsed. Even try talking to the kids of buyers/sellers if their parents are willing. Hearing why they like a house or don’t like a house could provide sincere or humorous outcomes that are great in video marketing!

Hopefully some of these ideas were inspiring for you in creating new video marketing content. If you need more ideas, try looking back at some of your blogs and emails this year to see if there is anything that can be re-purposed into a video.

Hope to hear some great results, and maybe get some links to your marketing videos?!

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