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Top 10 Articles About Mobile Technology

November 23 2011

We continue our series of “Top 10” articles with a focus on mobile. This is a hot topic right now, and shows no sign of becoming any less prominent. Once again, these articles are in no particular order. Oh, and we’ve included a blurb from each to capture your interest.

1) Tired of Your Smartphone Dying? 7 Quick Fixes
Two months ago, I finally gave-in and purchased a Smartphone. Given how long I'd avoided taking this step, I was determined to feel ambivalent about my new tool. Instead, my Droid and I have been getting along swimmingly. Except for one thing: it keeps dying on me!

2) 10 Data-Conserving Tips from Road-Warrior Victor Lund
We just love Victor Lund, our CEO. Even if he's on a trip to Italy, the man makes himself available to his team at all times. That's good for us, but bad for his phone bill. That's why, on his most recent trip, he decided to compromise on his international data plan. He thought this compromise would give him enough wiggle room; instead, it gave him enough rope to hang himself with.

Needless to say, Victor went over his data plan in dramatic fashion. But he decided to give it a positive spin. "It's a learning opportunity!" Okay, so let's learn from it. Here are a few quick tips for data conservation.

3) Are You 'Optimized' for Mobile
Being that the mobile technology landscape is progressing at a pace that rivals the New York minute I make it a point to try and get as much 'mobile news' as possible on a daily basis to stay on top of things. The other day I updated my profile with the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) and for doing so received an e-mail with their top ten stories. Popping it open my eye immediately caught story #2, Century 21 sees mobile as a way forward in real estate; naturally I was inclined to read further.

4) Smooth Operators: Android vs. iOS
Okay. You've made the wise decision to buy a smartphone. Now what? You're going to be offered several options (determined largely by your cell service provider). Which smartphone, with which operating system, is right for you? Today, I'm going to discuss the main contenders: Android and iOS. These aren't the only operating systems you'll find running on smartphones, but they're the two I've been reading the most about lately.

5) 5 Reasons Apps Aren't Always a Must for Tablets
Believe it or not, an app isn't always required to take care of business on a tablet. So if you can't find the app you're looking for, remain calm. Count backwards from 10, breathe deeply, and find your happy place – because this might be good news. Some companies are realizing that creating an app isn't the only way to provide value to tablet users.

6) From Shopping Carts to Shopping QR’ts
This morning my Father told me that he was looking to get a new “cell phone” and said he “doesn’t need to have the internet on his phone,” to which I responded, “You don’t need it, but why wouldn’t you want to have it?”

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices in today’s fast paced, high tech world we can do more things from more places than ever before.  As such, traditional brick and mortar businesses are able to adapt and grow in no traditional ways.  Tesco supermarkets in South Korea is a perfect example of this.

7) Mobile Strategy: Don’t Forget Dumb Phones
Let’s get something out of the way: we love our Smartphones. Love them! In fact, we sometimes wonder how we could live without them. Am I being clear? RE Technology team + Smartphones = love. And we’re not alone. According to a recent report sponsored by HubSpot, 31% of all mobile users own a Smartphone. But we’re not here to talk about ourselves. Let’s talk about the other 69% of mobile users who use a “Dumb Phone.” A dumb phone is a mobile phone that does not have fancy applications like the iPhone. Dumb phones have minimal features of telephone and maybe text messaging.

8) Making Room in Your Ecosystem for QR Codes
Just like your business cards, flyers, IDX website, and 'For Sale' signs, Quick Response (QR) codes are a key piece of the complete real estate marketing ecosystem. Since the demand for mobile-optimized information has reached a new peak, (driven by a generation of tech-savvy first-time homebuyers) the effective marketer will make sure to utilize QR alongside traditional media and other mobile marketing tools.

9) 4 Great Things QR Codes Say about You
We're all probably familiar with QR codes. The small squares that look almost like fingerprints, actually are a bit like fingerprints, digital fingerprints. You stick your QR code on a flyer, business card, property sign, advertisement, or website. When scanned by a Smartphone, the QR codes will send users wherever you'd like them to go on the Internet (i.e. your website).

10) 3 Tips for Building a Mobile Website
So if you’ve heard about QR codes – In order to crack the QR code, you need to have a solid Mobile Website strategy in place. This is the destination all your QR codes will point to. So what is it you should be looking for?

There is a lot that goes into building a solid Mobile Website which will be the foundation for the QR codes or text codes for that matter which you decide to employ within your marketing. Here are the most important things to know about implementing a Mobile Website.

And a bonus: 3 Ways Mobile Search Solutions Can Capture Leads: Text, Voice and Mobile Browser
I'm about to make a very bold statement. Here it goes: the Internet isn't everything. Don't believe me? Then learn about mobile search, the use of cell phones to obtain information on-the-go. With the ever-increasing use of cell phones, you don't want to miss this growing trend.