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Building an Engaged Email Marketing List

October 29 2019

delta building engaged email marketing listWhat's in a list? Ideally, as many subscribers as possible! Your email list should be one of your most valuable marketing assets as a real estate agent, allowing you to stay in touch, share your expertise, build strong relationships with your subscribers, and generate leads. Almost everyone has an email address and most people check their email multiple times per day, which means that email is a direct line to your audience.

Whether you're building an email list from scratch or looking to extract more value from your existing list, there's plenty you can do right now to help your email marketing create customers for life. Take your email marketing to the next level with our guide to building an engaged email list for real estate agents.

Set Targets for Email Marketing Goals

Before you can get busy building an engaged email list, it's well worth sitting down to lay out your goals. These can be long-term goals, like hitting certain subscriber number milestones and cultivating a Millennial audience, or short-term goals like increasing open rates on specific email types. Your goals are likely to evolve as your email list grows, and that's a good thing! Every milestone has meaning, and there's always more you can do to grow your list.

Ask for Permission Before Sending Emails

Sending email marketing to people who haven't opted in is the last thing you want to do when building an engaged email list. Not only is it unlikely to lead to success, but it's also actually against the law. That's why it's so important to ask for permission by creating a simple opt-in form. Asking for permission helps keep your email marketing out of the spam folder, and makes it easier to keep subscribers engaged.

An Attractive Landing Page Helps Snag Subscribers

Ideally, you'll be directing a lot of people to sign up for your email list, so you'll want a quick, easy way for them to opt-in. Create an attractive, informative landing page for your website, and send potential subscribers there to sign up for your list. Keep your landing page focused on the basics of what your email marketing has to offer, and minimize distractions so potential subscribers can focus on what matters most.

Segment Your List to Get the Right Content to the Right Subscribers

Perhaps the biggest trick to building an engaging email list is realizing that each subscriber is unique in terms of outlook, background, real estate interests, and position in the purchasing process. That's why it's so important to segment your email list so that the right content always reaches the right person. Someone who's interested in buying will need different content than someone looking to sell their home. Segmenting your list helps ensure that everyone gets just what they need.

Create Engaging Content for Your Email Audience

Getting people to sign up and segmenting your email list is just the start. Ultimately, the success of your email marketing depends heavily on the quality of your content. The key is to create engaging content for each segment of your audience – buyers, sellers, first-time shoppers, and returning customers may all require different content. By focusing on the needs of each segment and leveraging your own expertise, you can create content that makes subscribers look forward to opening your next email.

Never Stop Growing Your Email List

When you're trying to create an engaged email list, the work is never really done. There will always be some churn as old subscribers move on, and new ones fill their place. That's why it's so important to keep growing your email list over time, and the easiest way to do that is to ask. Make sure blog readers, website visitors, and social media connections know how to easily sign up for your list.

Rely on the Right Email Marketing Platform

Managing an email list manually is a tall, time-consuming task, but by using the right tools you can build an engaged email list without losing time that you could be using to close deals.

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