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Email Marketing Makes Customers for Life

July 25 2019

delta email marketing makes customers for lifeEmail marketing is, without a doubt, one of the biggest keys to success for real estate agents.

When you meet someone, they may not be ready to immediately use your services. They may be considering buying or selling a home, but need months before they'll take action. Often, that means your potential business slips away.

Email marketing helps to keep that from happening.

Email marketing allows you to foster trust and rapport with your future clients. You can use your subscription-only email list to provide people with targeted content about real estate topics and trends.

As the weeks and months roll by, this strengthens your brand as a recognized expert. That means you're top of mind and the first person they are likely to reach out to when they decide to move.

Consider the benefits:

1. Your Future Clients "Sell Themselves" on You

No matter who you are and where you practice, odds are good there are dozens or even hundreds of other real estate agents in your area. Just think of the confusion this can cause first-time buyers and sellers looking for help. With an email newsletter, you can communicate with clients in an informative yet conversational way. They'll come to understand your skills and expertise.

2. Clients Come to You Informed and Ready to Go

Helpful, informative content is the bread and butter of an email marketing list. When you take the time to share this content with subscribers, they learn what they need to make informed choices about their transactions. That helps them avoid mistakes, be decisive, and accelerate the path to closing day. It all means better performance for you and better results for them.

3. Clients Become More Likely to Review and Refer

The longer a relationship is, the more meaningful it is for the people involved. This is true about individuals, of course, but it's also true of brand relationships. When an email subscriber uses your services, they become much more likely to leave you a positive review. They may even refer friends and family to you in the future. That helps you raise your visibility online and off.

4. Clients Stick With You – Now and in the Future

Happy clients tend to stick with what they know. Of course, years may pass between one real estate transaction and the next. Your email marketing list allows you to keep the relationship warm. You can split your marketing into many different lists, so your existing customers get different messages than your maturing leads.

Email marketing has terrific ROI: It's one of the most effective things you can do to promote your business online. But real estate agents often wonder about the time investment involved in it.

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