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Must-Follow Pages and Facebook Groups for Your Real Estate Business

July 08 2019

hdc must follow pages facebook groupsSocial media is a great place to build your business and showcase the many projects you're working on as a real estate agent. You also have the opportunity to learn new things for your business, discover new real estate trends, or even read breaking news about the real estate industry via social media--if you know which pages to follow and what groups to join.

Facebook Pages You Should Follow

There are quite a few Facebook Pages worth following. Each page has its own spin on content and will teach you different things. We've put together a list of some of the Facebook pages that you should follow to stay up-to-date on current trends and news.

  • National Association of Realtors®: This is America's largest association that represents over one million real estate agents. Their content often features important updates regarding the real estate community.
  • NAR Research: One of the National Association of Realtors® pages, this page shares data that pertains to the real estate market, the economy and other things that may affect your life as a real estate agent.
  • Real Estate Trends: The most trusted name in real estate business and technology trends, this page shares new ideas to help your business grow.
  • Top Agents Magazine: Showcasing successful Realtors®, this page shares stories of agents who have found success in their career and how they found it. Use this page as a guide to help you build your business in the same way other real estate agents have grown their business success.

Don't Forget Groups

Like Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups are a great way for you to learn some news, trends, or techniques to grow your business. But Groups are your opportunity to build a more personal connection with other real estate agents who have tips to share.

There are many real estate agents who found their way in the real estate business on their own, and they would like to share what they learned. With groups, you and other agents can ask questions and share tips and news. Here is a list of some real estate groups that you may want to join:

  • Secrets of Top Selling Agents: This page, created by the hosts of the Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar and podcast programs, is a place where real estate agents can come together to connect with one another, share content, and discuss the latest career advice with each other.
  • Lab Coat Agents: This group is a community of agents who are looking to learn from one another. This group focuses on how to convert leads, grow your business using new tips and techniques, and using social media to better your business.
  • The Social Agent: This group primarily focuses on how real estate agents and brokers can grow their business using social media. Social media is the main topic on this page, so if you are looking to grow your exposure with social media, this is the page to join.
  • Facebook's Ultimate Real Estate Mastermind: This group follows a question and answer format where any members of the real estate community can come together to ask questions and learn from one another.
  • Real Estate Rockstar Agents: Similar to the previously mentioned group, this page aims to help agents grow their business and make the most revenue as a real estate agent.
  • Real Estate Success Principles: This group focuses on building your business by saying the right things, building the right team, and being the best agent you can be.

These pages and groups barely scratch the surface of what there is to learn in the real estate community, but by following these pages and joining these groups, you have the opportunity to grow and conquer as a real estate agent.

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