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4 Tips to Create an Effective Facebook Ad Strategy

April 15 2019

hdc create effective facebook ad strategyCreating the best ad strategy for your business is a delicate balancing act between maximizing success and staying within the advertising budget you can afford. That's what agents Garry Creath and Chris Scott did to maximize their usage of Facebook Ads to benefit their business.

Garry, a cofounder of Paperless Agent and Chris, a marketing expert for Paperless Agent, hosted our last 'Secrets' webinar and shared how they were able to create a successful business utilizing an effective ad strategy with Facebook Ads.

Working with Facebook can be difficult at times. There are so many pieces to work with Facebook, but Garry and Chris mentioned four different requirements for Facebook campaigns that can simplify the process. Check them out below.

1.Work with the algorithm.

Facebook is constantly changing the algorithm for how they react and work with different content and advertisements. Staying on top of the ever-changing algorithm will help make sure you are able to keep your ads and content flowing without being penalized by Facebook.

Paying attention to the algorithm of Facebook can be difficult. Ignoring it can result in poor performance on your Facebook channel, and that is the last thing you want. More recently, Facebook has changed the way that they are sharing posts in users timelines. The platform is choosing to share posts that come from friends, family and groups. You have to be able to beat the algorithm and share content that the algorithm will accept and share within a user's timeline.

2. Use custom audiences.

Facebook is great for creating targeted audiences. With the Facebook Ads tool, you have the ability to target a specific set of Facebook users by their demographic and geographic location. Understanding this will enable you to put your ads and content to work in the correct way.

For example, a targeted audience may be one that may target millennials. With this, you have the option inside of the Facebook Ads tool to target Facebook users of the millennial age group. Using this tool can help you make sure that you are guiding your messages to your tailored audience thus making for a successful ad campaign.

3. Design different messages for different formats.

Sending out posts on Facebook is the primary way you will convey messages to your followers. However, there are many different formats you can use to share your content. You have to be able to create tailored messages with images, text, and ads.

4. Select the right format for the job at hand.

Using the correct format for your content will ensure your message and/or advertisement is being conveyed to your audience efficiently. For instance, a banner ad will do better if there is something that your company is offering, and an image will do well if you are trying to share a listing.

The quality of your content will determine whether or not your page will succeed. The content you post will be used to bolster engagements, shares, and impressions to your page. Here are five easy steps from Garry and Chris to enhance your Facebook content:

  • Share your expertise. A quick 60-second video will show how well you know the real estate business.
  • Promote your business and how you are the best choice to be a potential client's real estate agent with a Facebook ad.
  • Market listings with Facebook ads to gain more attention and potential buyers on that listing.
  • Show off your listing by creating easy listing tour videos.
  • Re-market Facebook leads by using an ad that will gather the contact information of potential clients.

Like Garry and Chris, you have the opportunity to generate revenue and gain traction for your business. Garry and Chris discussed quite a bit regarding using Facebook for your real estate business. You can watch the webinar by joining our Secrets of Top Selling Agents Facebook Group page here.

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