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5 Rules for Staying Safe on Social Media

October 30 2018

We're continuing our week-by-week series on steps to take to make yourself unappealing to predators.

This Halloween week, we're tackling a monster vulnerability for real estate agents: social media.

What do predators look for when scouring social media profiles in search of their next victim? Watch our latest "Safe Selling" video above to find out that and more, including:

  • How social media posts can add fuel to a predator's fantasy life
  • The #1 rule for staying safe on social media
  • Why you should use a different name and profile photo on your personal and professional accounts
  • How to build a protective "wall" between your professional and personal sides
  • How to prevent predators from cyberstalking you and discovering your personal profile and private family information

Want more info on staying safe online and in the field? Tune in for next week's 'Safe Selling' video!