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Realtors Make Moving More Affordable

July 02 2018

mooveguru logo smallOne frustration that consumers have long faced is the logistics around moving. A report from the University of Colorado indicated that the average move costs about $10,000. In reality, that can sometimes be far greater, or do-it-yourselfers may save a bit by doing it themselves.

Moving service providers have long tried to find a way to deliver their services to movers in the best possible way. They have never been able to connect to MLSs or other systems, so they resort to spray-and-pray direct marketing. MooveGuru came up with a better way, and partnered with zipLogix to solve the problem. Agents using zipLogix know when their clients are moving. Obviously, zipLogix cannot open the agents' customer record data to anyone, but they can make it easy for zipLogix users to invite their clients. That is what they did.

Agents using zipLogix were notified Friday that they can turn on MooveGuru. When they do, the agent can then authorize MooveGuru to send money saving offers to help clients save money when they move. The consumer benefits by saving money. The agent benefits by delivering value to their customer and adding a new drip marketing touchpoint (the MooveGuru offers are branded to the agent and the broker). The moving service provider benefits because they have a single distribution point to reach a massive audience of movers.

This program is one of the first programs that we have watched being rolled out though zipAlliance, a zipLogix initiative whereby consumers benefit from services driven by Realtors. I did a search for zipAlliance and found that there are a number of other services that benefit consumers who are working with a Realtor, including OrganizeMeForms, Hippo Insurance Services, HMS National, and Realty Pilot. The zipAlliance program was announced in 2015. zipAlliance was developed to make connections that will help brokers and agents streamline and improve business practices. In this case, they are about to turn Realtors into heroes in their customers' eyes by saving them money during the move.

Brokers or agents can jump on this offer to turn on MooveGuru in zipLogix, or visit this URL:

Press release follows:

Agents Make Moving More Affordable

Roswell, GA, June 29th, 2018 – zipLogix™ in concert with MooveGuru™ released a notification today to zipForm® Plus users informing them of a new program that invites home buyers and sellers to save 10% or more on moving expenses.

The program was launched though an integration between zipForm® Plus and the MooveGuru platform. As consumers go through the stages of completing a transaction in zipForm® Plus, MooveGuru allows the agent to enroll their clients in the service that extends valuable discounts to the consumer. As consumers go through the home buying or selling transaction, MooveGuru enables the agent to extend valuable discounts to the consumer through the MooveGuru service.

The MooveGuru service was inspired by University of Colorado research, indicating that the average buyer/seller pays about $10,000 on move related products and services. Moving service companies have indicated that a major cost of their product is the ability to find customers who are moving. "Agents representing home buyers and sellers know when a customer is moving, and leveraging that information, they are in a great position to negotiate savings for their client," says Scott Oakley, of MooveGuru. The partnership between zipLogix™ and MooveGuru creates savings that are passed on to the consumer through their agent.

Over the past two years, MooveGuru has been piloting programs through more than 10,000 agents that match movers to service providers who offer everything from home insurance to home improvements. "We are able to send the right discount to the consumer at the right time in the transaction though our partnership with zipLogix™," says Oakley.

ziplogix mooveguru pr 1

"It's important real estate professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to deliver the best possible client experience," says Scott Strong, Chief Executive Officer at zipLogix™. In addition to providing their clients with a seamless transaction process, helping those clients save time and money on costly move-related expenses will help solidify future business and their image as an industry expert. Through the invitation process, agents may enroll their clients in the service one customer at a time or automatically enroll their clients though each transaction.

ziplogix mooveguru pr 2"The adoption rates by consumers have been extraordinary," says Scott Oakley. The offers are branded to the broker and agent when they are sent out to their client. "The open rates are unusually high because movers depend on their trusted advisor — their real estate agent — for help during the move." MooveGuru uses a thoughtful artificial intelligence engine to deliver the right offer at the right moment in the moving process that estimates when a client will need a service and delivers the discount at just the right time.

Agents wishing to take advantage of this free application may do so by authorizing MooveGuru. Here is a link to get started:

About MooveGuru

Roswell, Ga..-based MooveGuru, In 2016, MooveGuru Inc. launched a free mover engagement program to real estate agents and brokers with the idea to connect home buyers and sellers to savings on moving services. Using just-in-time delivery through artificial intelligence algorithms, MooveGuru Inc. ensures consumers receive agent-branded savings from national and local retailers as they step through the relocation process. Today, more than 10,000 agents representing 240,000 movers are connected to the platform.

About zipLogix™

Fraser, Mich.-based zipLogix™, creators of zipForm® is a technology company created by and owned by REALTOR® Associations, working to improve productivity and efficiency industry wide. Its transaction management software, which includes zipForm® Plus, zipTMS®, and zipVault® automates and simplifies the repetitive and complex steps of real estate transaction. zipLogix™ is also the provider of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Transaction Management Benefit, available to more than 1.3 million REALTORS® nationwide.