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[Podcast] You Don't Get to the Money If You Don't Get to the Core of Feelings, with Lynn Sharer

March 06 2024

We talk a lot about the business and tech sides of real estate at RE Technology, but we don't get around to addressing one big part of this business — the emotions.

A real estate transaction is a very emotional event: there's hope, anticipation, excitement, fear, loss, frustration — it runs the gamut. That's because a home is such a personal thing. It's our shelter as well as a major financial asset.

So let's dive into those emotions. Today, we're highlighting an episode from Leigh Brown's podcast, Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate, that explores "the emotional tapestry that underpins successful real estate transactions." Special guest Lynn Sharer, a broker from Pennsylvania, shares how she connects with clients and leverages the high emotions of a transaction to better close deals.

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