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Good Small Business Solutions: What They Are and How Agents Can Take Advantage

April 24 2018

ixact good small business solutionsWhether you're looking for something that can help you with finances or document management, there are solutions for almost every need. Here are some of the best software tools and apps that are ideal for real estate agents. They can help you be more productive, develop better client relationships, and generate more sales.

Accounting and Finance

Traditionally, most real estate agents have worked with an accountant or a bookkeeper. But now there are software packages that offer these traditional financial services, as well as additional features such as tax and regulatory reporting, payments and banking, and human resources. For a smaller real estate office, a package that bundles these services together can be a good choice. Some options that can help you manage the financial side of your business are listed here.


There are numerous collaboration suites available, all of which can help your team work more effectively together. Features typically include file and document sharing, messaging and conferencing utilities, and project management. Some software packages will also include tools such as calendars and budgets for both individuals and groups. You can find more information about specific products here.

Transaction Management

Coordinating schedules to get documents signed can be challenging in the best of times. Transaction management software not only provides options for digital signatures, but also helps you manage all the paperwork, documents, and contracts involved in a typical real estate transaction. Here is a list of some options to consider.

Real Estate Specific Products

There are many solutions that are tailor-made for real estate agents. Here are some to consider:

  • RPR Mobile provides a suite of property reports and tools, including market trends and sales comparison analysis.
  • Prempoint is a Bluetooth-powered keyless entry system that lets real estate agents automate and track property access for showings and maintenance.

Customer Relationship Management

As a real estate agent, your business is client-driven, so generating and following up on sales leads is critical for your success. A real estate CRM can gather leads from your website, then automatically generate email or newsletter follow-ups, giving you the best chance to convert them into clients. Explore CRM solutions here.

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