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Rewind! The Top 4 Educational Webinars for Agents from 2017

December 24 2017

From earning passive income from referral fees to using sophisticated algorithms to target likely sellers, there are many ways to grow your bottom line.

This year, we hosted a series of live webinars that took an in-depth look at the top strategies and new technologies that can help hard-working agents work smarter. With the holiday craziness finally dying down, now's a great time to take a breather and start formulating a plan of action for 2018. This list of our top webinars can help you do just that. So curl up with your laptop (and maybe some leftover eggnog), play a webinar or two, and take notes on your favorite strategies for success in the year ahead!

1. Grow Your Business by Growing Your Referrals

Date aired: January 24, 2017

Want more referrals? This webinar gives you 65 places to find them.

Top-producing Realtor Ginger Childs shared her favorite lead sources, plus action tips for connecting with potential clients and winning new business.

Video breakdown:

7:05 - Group 1: Friends, Families, Acquaintances
12:10 - Group 2: Not-so-Chance Encounters
16:53 - Group 3: Professional Contacts
19:02 - Group 4: Service Contacts
19:47 - Group 5: Business Focused
24:00 - Group 6: Organizations, Associations, Groups
28:28 - Group 7: Corporate Relocation/Partnership
36:20 - Group 8: Advertising/Marketing

2. How to Find Your Best Listing Prospects

Date aired: June 20, 2017

"Predictive analytics" was on the lips of everyone in 2017--and it's no wonder. The technology reduces marketing costs by letting agents target only those consumers who are most likely to transact soon.

Predictive analytics tool SmartZip analyzes over 2,000 different attributes of each home and homeowner in your geographic farm to identify homeowners who are on the verge of listing their home. This includes criteria like time in home, income, appreciation, credit status, LTV ratio, life stage, and more.

Video breakdown:

3:00 - What is predictive analytics?
6:10 - How does you know who's most likely to sell?
13:05 - Once you know your targets, how do you market to them?
38:35 - LIVE DEMO
46:35 - How to target your database

3. What Happens When Someone Googles Your Name?

Date aired: August 16, 2017

Ninety percent of consumers will research you online before making contact. What are they looking for?

It's all about social proof, says Jonathan McGowan of Reach150. People want to see that you have a good reputation and are trustworthy, and online reviews are a key part of how consumers do that. Plus, the more positive online reviews your business has, the higher up in search results you name appears.

In this webinar, we learned about Reach150, a tool that builds your online reputation by automatically soliciting and curating client testimonials for you. Watch the webinar recording below to learn more.

4. Lead​ ​Follow​-up​ ​Secrets​ ​for​ ​Busy​ ​Agents

Date aired: September 27, 2017

Realtor Ray Fernandez and his team of four agents are set to close $40 million in production this year. How? By implementing smart, disciplined lead generation and follow-up strategies. Ray shared his secrets for success with us in this webinar yesterday.

Video breakdown:

3:40 - How Realtor Ray Fernandez closed 25 transactions in his first year.
6:05 - Ray on how he transitioned from working with buyers to working with sellers.
7:05 - How Ray's team works, and their favorite lead generation tools.
15:30 - Ray's three-part lead generation strategy.
19:16 - How Ray follows up with leads.
26:25 - Ray's must-have CMA pages.
39:44 - Maximizing your marketing budget.
46:51 - How Ray generates leads with Cloud Attract.
52:50 - Live demo of how to create a Cloud Attract landing page.