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4 Creative Ways to Stand Out in Real Estate

December 12 2017

emerge creative ways to stand out in real estateReal estate is relational. Whether working with a consumer to buy a new home or welcoming a new agent to your office, you are now involved with a major event in that person's life. Providing outstanding service should be coupled with providing a unique, ongoing experience that stands out.

Here are a few creative (and easy!) ways to provide that above-and-beyond experience.

1. Write a Note

A good, old school (and sincere), handwritten note is a dying art, but not because it doesn't work. In a world where time is now one of our most precious resources, a strong way to communicate importance to someone is taking a little extra time to write them a note. Be specific, be personal.

Agents: Thank your client for choosing you and wish them the best in their new home, and be sure to remind them they can always contact you for questions.

Brokers: Send a handwritten note congratulating a recruitment prospect on a recent sale.

2. Shine a Spotlight on Them

It never hurts to stroke an ego and show off a milestone event or accomplishment. Showcasing an agent or your client online can go a long way! Just remember to be personal, be sincere, and leave them smiling.

Agents: Showcase a happy customer on social media. Tag them and let their friends and family do the rest!

Brokers: Speak highly of your agents. Showcase the accomplishments of current associates, and new arrivals to your team.

3. Send a Gift Card

Gift cards are always welcome, but don't worry—we're not suggesting dropping $50 on each client. Think smaller gestures that speak volumes. If you tie a reason (see: note) to it such as a "thank you" or "congrats," it is more impactful.

Agents: You have a lot of flexibility here. First time homeowners usually need things from the hardware store; sellers are celebrating their move by dining out. Remember, everyone still loves coffee!

Brokers: Some would argue the fastest way to an agent's heart is through their love of coffee. Send a Starbucks gift card for a holiday gift, or just as congratulations on the sale.

4. Give a Great Read

This one might really catch them off-guard, which is good because that makes you stand out! Including a personal note in the cover would be really cool, too! What kind of book, you ask? Think self improvement, home improvement, or just really darn good book!

Agents: When I bought my first house, I would have loved to have known what the heck I was supposed to do with it. Home Maintenance For Dummies, anyone?

Brokers: Share a copy of a book that has influenced you, or embodies your principles and philosophies. If you know an agent is particularly busy, maybe an audiobook would be the way to go.

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