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3 Questions to Ask Before You Share Your Listings Online

November 06 2017

hdc 3 questions to ask before you share your listings online

As a real estate agent, you work with a variety of different people from appraisers, inspectors, and lenders to your MLS and search portals. Most of the time, it's easy to understand what each person or party wants from you and you always know what you expect from them: help completing the transaction. However, sometimes motivations can get murky. Not every party out there is equally committed to your success, after all.

This is certainly the case with the search portals that are supposed to help you advertise your listings to interested buyers. If you want the highest return for your listing efforts and advertising dollars, you need to ask three key questions before selecting which search portals to advertise on.

1. Do I always get a free copy of the leads from my listings?

Don't assume you'll get the leads your listings generate. "Some of the largest real estate portals don't always do this and will require that the listing be upgraded to receive a copy of the leads," said Andy Woolley, Vice President of Industry Development.

"Brokers need to remember that, as the broker of record, they are in control—and have the power to turn publishing destinations on or off," added Woolley. "There must be a fair exchange where you (or your agents) are getting value back in return for providing the content."

2. Will my name and contact information be clearly displayed on all of my listings?

You can't assume your contact information will be displayed on search portals; you have to read your contract's fine print. However, on, every listing clearly identifies the listing agent's name, phone number, photo (when available), and a "listing agent" title to make it clear to buyers and sellers who they should contact.

3. Are all of the property photos I uploaded to the MLS displayed?

Many MLSs don't limit the number of property photos you can upload with your listing, but some search portals do. Make sure all your listing photos are displayed so your listing doesn't miss out on potential buyers. If a portal does limit the number of photos they display, do you get any say in which images are used? This is another item you should look for in the contract.

Earning a listing takes time, patience, and hard work from a dedicated real estate expert. Make sure you are reaping the rewards of your hard work by selecting the right advertising for you and your clients.


  • You always get a free copy of every lead your listings generate.
  • Your contact information is clearly listed on all your listings.
  • We don't limit the number of photos you can use to market your listings.

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