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DOSS Launches Smart Voice Search Tool for Real Estate

October 16 2017

Look out, Zillow and Trulia, there's a new property search player in town—and it may just be the smartest kid on the block.

Today, DOSS debuted a real estate search tool powered by advanced artificial intelligence. Ask DOSS is an app that lets users search listings with their voice, in a way that's very similar to interacting with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. Users can say, for example, "DOSS, find me two bedroom condos in Biloxi," rather than typing a traditional search query.

ask doss main screen app

DOSS aims to be a serious contender in the property search space right out of the gate. Besides the impressive technology behind it (more on that in a minute), the platform already pre-enrolled 21,000 Realtors during its beta testing phase, and it offers detailed listing information on properties nationwide.

What may interest agent and brokers most, however, is its attitude towards Realtors--one that the major portals don't typically espouse. "There are a lot of new technologies out there that have the objective to bypass and make REALTORS obsolete," says CEO and founder Bobby Bryant. "Not DOSS. We are an advocate for the real estate industry."

The business model of Ask DOSS doesn't rely on selling ads to agents. Instead, DOSS earns 25-30 percent referral fees on leads that result in a closed transaction. Their strategy is focused on connecting serious buyers and sellers with real estate professionals.

How Ask DOSS Works

Ask DOSS bills itself as a "digital real estate assistant," and, indeed, that's exactly what it is. In addition to initiating a voice search, Ask Doss lets you refine search results by saying, for example, "DOSS, show me condos near Fenway Park," and further refining as needed by conversing with the app. (DOSS offers traditional typed search options and filters, too.)

Realtors can also lean on DOSS to respond to leads for them. "DOSS will respond instantly to leads to drastically increase the conversion ratio," says Bryant. "REALTORS don't have the time to sit by the phone waiting for calls when they should be showing houses and writing contracts. DOSS participates in this ecosystem making it easier and more streamlined for the REALTOR to save time, reduce their fixed monthly cost of paying tech tools, and increase their bottom line."

Ask DOSS's conversational capabilities are powered by Watson, IBM's supercomputer (and Jeopardy! championJeopardy! champion). Thanks to Watson, DOSS can understand and respond to users in a natural, conversational way--and even improve its communication skills by learning from the users it interacts with.

AI with a Side of Free CRM
Good conversation isn't the only perk of Ask DOSS. In addition to its intelligent real estate assistant, DOSS is also rolling out a CRM that's free to agents.

"DOSS wants to democratize the tech tools that REALTORS need the most to run a successful business," says Bryant. "Over 60 percent of Realtors don't have a CRM. Those that do close 251 percent more business. Having a CRM is the central nervous system to your business. But the no. 1 reason why these REALTORS don't have a CRM is price! DOSS is removing this barrier."

Want to try out DOSS for yourself? Visit to learn more.