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Which Transaction Management Tool is Right for Your Brokerage? (Part 1)

September 26 2017

Document and transaction management solutions have become ubiquitous tools for real estate brokers over the past decade. It's no wonder—these platforms save brokerages time and money, thanks to reductions in paper use, physical storage, and compliance issues.

So which transaction management solution is right for you? That depends on your needs. To help you evaluate your options, this week we'll be examining two transaction management tools highlighted in our 2017-18 Technology Guide2017-18 Technology Guide.

What is loadingDOCS?

The first platform we'll look at is loadingDOCS, part of Lone Wolf's ecosystem of brokerage tools. loadingDOCS plugs into the Lone Wolf ecosystem at two major points: via brokerWOLF, an accounting and back office tool, and via WOLFconnect, a front office intranet system designed to connect your agents and staff to your productivity tools.

Here's an overview of what the loadingDOCS workflow looks like:

techguide 17 loadingdocs workflow

What does loadingDOCS offer?

While our Technology GuideTechnology Guide already offers questions you can ask when evaluating a transaction management solution, we wanted to offer a few more to help you in your selection process:

  • Can clients access documents related to their transaction? Yes, via a consumer portal located at Clients are automatically given access when added to a listing or transaction, and receive a welcome email explaining how to use the portal.
  • Does loadingDOCS integrate with third-party forms and eSignature tools? Yes, including DocuSign.
  • Does loadingDOCS offer transaction checklists to keep my agents on track? Yes, every document is tied to related tasks and due dates, and checklists can be assigned to each transaction.
  • Can loadingDOCS integrate with my back office or accounting software? loadingDOCS ties seamlessly into Lone Wolf's brokerWOLF platform. Among other benefits, this means that upon close of a transaction, disbursement checks are automatically generated.
  • Does loadingDOCS offer broker review/compliance features? Yes (see the diagram above for more info).
  • Does loadingDOCS offer document storage, or will I need to use a third-party solution like DropBox? Yes, document storage is included.
  • Are documents within loadingDOCS automatically populated with MLS transaction data? Yes, transaction data is pulled in from brokerWOLF when integrated.
  • Can users email documents into the system? Yes, via a customer email address. Users can add up to five PDFs at one time, as long as the total file size is under 30 MB.
  • Does loadingDOCS offer user-based access permissions? Yes, this is accomplished by setting up user groups.
  • Can users split documents within loadingDOCS? Yes.

Is loadingDOCS right for my brokerage?

Thanks to its seamless integration, loadingDOCS is ideal for brokerages who already use other Lone Wolf products. More often than not, these are larger brokerages with multiple offices (loadingDOCS lets you filter and search transactions by office).

If you have questions about whether loadingDOCS is right for you, schedule a free demo.

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