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Tired of Your MLS's Clunky Interface? Here's How to Give It an Instant Makeover

July 21 2017

MLS systems aren't exactly known for having the prettiest of interfaces, or the most intuitive, or the... well, you get the point. MLS software has a long way to go before it wins any design awards. But that's okay, because there's an easy way to bypass all the blah dished up by your typical MLS.

That's thanks to an app called Cloud MLX. It's the latest solution highlighted in our series of articles on overlooked features and functions of apps and programs from our 2017-18 Technology Guide2017-18 Technology Guide.

What is Cloud MLX?

Cloud MLX is an "alternative front end" to your MLS. What that means is that the app taps into your MLS's listing data and lets you search that data from Cloud MLX's interface rather than your MLS's.

And what an interface it is! W&R Studios, the makers of Cloud MLX (and its older sibling, Cloud CMA), are known for making beautifully designed real estate apps with a clean, streamlined aesthetic.

tech guide 2017 cloudmlx

Why use Cloud MLX?

So, sure, Cloud MLX's good looks might be the thing that initially attracts you, but it's the app's substance that will keep you around. A well-thought out interface means an interface that's easy to use--which, in turn, saves you time spent searching for listings or sharing them with clients.

Cloud MLX offers smart search that not only auto-suggests search terms as you type them, but can also understands what you mean when you write "homes really close to the beach." W&R Studios say that they've designed the app to work with how real people think, rather than requiring users to think like a machine in order to get the app to work. And the more you use Cloud MLX, the smarter it gets. The app learns your search style and adapts to it, making it easier and faster for you to find what you want.

Agents can also search via map, and easily save searches and then share them with clients via a unique link. You can share individual properties, too, simply by tagging them to your client. Cloud MLX even facilitates communication with other agents, with networking and live chat capabilities available between other agents from your MLS that also use Cloud MLX.

Cloud MLX integrates with W&R Studio's entire suite of products, including Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams.

How to Get Started

It's pretty simple. Just create an account and select your MLS to get started. There's a free 30-day trial if you'd like to give it a try before committing.

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