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10 Technologies and Tools for Real Estate Agents

March 01 2017

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Armed with high tech tools and technologies, real estate agents have ventured out in the virtual world to simplify their lives and attract more customers. Read on for our picks of the top 10 tools and technologies that can boost your performance in real estate.

Ten Tools for Real Estate Agents

10. BoomerangBoomerang:

Boomerang is a tool for Gmail users who want to keep track of the important mails and manage their cluttered inbox. It helps you compose a mail and schedule the time when it should be sent. It even offers reminders in case you get a lead. Setting up the Boomerang email scheduling tool allows you to mark mail to be sent at a later date. The Boomerang button next to a message brings the mail back to the inbox with the reply from the recipient.

9. DocuSign:

Real estate work involves a lot of documents and paperwork that can be really cumbersome to manage. This is where DocuSign comes into the picture. It manages and integrates with the major CRM systems allowing you to save the documents on cloud storagesave the documents on cloud storage. This simplifies data storing and retrieval considerably. An effective, reliable and responsive tool, DocuSign helps in exchanging documents and get past records with just the click of a button.

8. Evernote:

Evernote helps users keep track of their expenses and other important pieces of information. A great platform to store all your tax files, documents and client information, Evernote offers cloud storage facilities at a very minimal charge (about $5 a month). From old receipts to important deals, you can manage it all here.

7. Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics:

Google Analytics, or GA, is perhaps every web user's best friend! Its services are available to anyone who has a website. GA helps you analyse the market and track you progress by collecting data about the site visitors, such as their location and other activities. Installing Google Analytics helps you collect and channelize your online traffic. It tells you exactly what works and what doesn't.

6. Mailchimp:

From collecting user information to tracking recipient activities, Mailchimp does it all! Once you've got a list of prospective clients, you can send out mass emails to them at once, saving you the trouble of approaching each one individually. A great marketing tool for real estate agents who want to reach out to a wider audience, Mailchimp saves a lot on time and effort. Also, the user friendly and responsive interface is very easy to work with.

5. ZapierZapier:

Zapier is a technology that helps you manage all your marketing tools in one place. The tools are interconnected via Zapier, reducing your workload considerably. Zapier works by tracking triggers and actions that you set up. These actions and responses are generated as per your need—for example, a new contact added to zipForm can trigger that contact added to Contactually.

4. Lead capture pages:

Lead capture pages and sites help you in capturing and managing your online traffic. The three different types of landing pages that real estate agents can use are:

  • Free home valuation
  • Free buyer guide
  • Free seller guides

By driving traffic via tools such as paid ads, these pages can improve your web presence considerably.

3. Pinterest:

Pinterest is a favourite of both new and established agents who want a platform to display their interests and connect with others. From DIY projects to real estate deals, you can post it all here! Pinterest is among the best social networking sites for agents who want to build business connections.

2. Buffer:

Frequent posts create a strong web presence. As an entrepreneur, you must know how to channelize traffic and use it to your benefit. Buffer is one tool that comes in handy here—it will post pre-generated tweets and posts on your social media accounts. You can create posts and tweets beforehand and let Buffer post them at a set time later. This enhances the visibility of your online presence and helps in efficient time management, as well.

1. Google Forms:

An easy way to get valuable customer feedback, Google forms helps entrepreneurs generate questionnaires and survey forms. Opinions or suggestions from your clients can bring forth hidden issues that would otherwise have been ignored. You can use Rafflecopter for giving incentives, as well, and increasing the reviews you receive.

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