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Homesnap Pro Rolls Out 5 New Search Features

July 11 2016

Searching for properties just got a little sexier, thanks to Homesnap Pro's latest update. The search app rolled out five new features that make it easier for consumers and their agents to find information at a glance.

Here's a closer look at each of Homesnap Pro's latest additions to their property search app:

1. Clusters

Have you ever searched homes for sale only to have the mapview search results look like a forest of pins? Homesnap Pro clears that cluttered mess with a new concept--clusters. Rather than displaying each individual home for sale as a pin on a map, the app now adds up how many properties are on the market in an area and displays that sum instead. To view individual listings, just zoom in or tap on a cluster.

This feature really cleans up the map interface and makes browsing results a simpler process. As an added bonus, now you can quickly see which neighborhoods have the most market activity!

homesnap updates clusters

2. Find Open Houses from Mapview

This feature makes it easier for consumers to find your open house. Listings with upcoming agent open houses are now displayed on the map as purple pins with an orange dot. Users can also tap into the app's filters to find agent open houses. Just set the filter's listing status to "Agent Open" to locate upcoming events.

homesnap updates open

3. Swipe for Information at a Glance

In today's fast-paced world, clicking into a home's listing details screen is apparently too much of a time commitment. With this new feature, users can get more information about a home without leaving the main screen. Just swipe right to pull up a menu with shortcuts like Message, Favorite, and Share. Swipe left to scroll through all available property photos. This feature also displays the property address and bed/bath information. If you like what you see, you can continue onto the property details screen. If not, you can simply continue your search--no pressing of the "back" button necessary.

The screenshot below is what this feature looks like in list view; however, the same information is available in mapview, as well.

homesnap updates swipe

4. View Property Lines in Mapview

One of Homesnap Pro's most popular features has long been the ability to view property lines. Now users can view property lines right from map view without having to go to the property details screen. By default, property lines are hidden in mapview, but you can turn them on in the Layers feature. If you're feeling really fancy, you can pair property lines view with satellite view. Here's how both versions look:

homesnap updates lines

5. Search Homes by School Attendance Zone

According to Homesnap, this is their most requested feature. While many search solutions offer school information, Homesnap's data is more precise. Rather than relying on school information from the MLS or simply listing nearby schools, Homesnap uses actual school attendance boundaries to map homes to the school it's zoned for.

To access this feature, let's go back to the Layers icon. Tap the icon, and then tap the Schools icon to see all area schools on a map. To search for homes within that school's attendance boundaries, just tap the school on the map. The results will look like this:

homesnap updates school

Pretty neat, right? Well, these are just five of the most significant updates to Homesnap Pro. To learn about all the latest features, visit