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Didn’t Download the Top 10 Apps of 2016? Maybe You Don’t Need to…

April 22 2016

HDC didnt download top apps 2016

Here you are, stranded on a tropical island: just you, your phone, and dozens of people looking to you to sell them island homes. Despite getting drenched during your swim to shore, your phone is miraculously still working! Tragically, none of those amazing apps you downloaded survived. You're left with what is essentially the factory default model. Despite this, there are still a lot of ways you can use your phone to help you sell real estate to those stranded with you.

1. Communication

Another miracle! The island has a cell tower! You can't call for help, but you can call and text your island leads.

  • Contacts: When you add a contact to your smartphone, there are five or six fields to fill in with things like the person's name, email address, and phone number, but there is often an additional button you can select to add new fields. In here, you can add spaces for phonetic name, notes, relationships, events, etc. It won't send out automatic email messages for you, but it will help remind you of who all those names in your phone are.
  • Groups: This sub-category of contacts can be a life-saver. Put your first-time buyers in one group and empty-nest sellers in another so you can easily keep track of who's who.
  • Texts: Send your contacts a birthday or anniversary text to regain a top-of-mind presence and you may be able to get some referrals!

2. Organization

Who knows how many leads, contacts, and prospects you could end up with? Your smartphone comes with a lot of tools to help keep you organized.

  • Calendar: Keep track of your meetings and tasks by adding events to your calendar. That way, your phone will give you an alert to let you know when an important event is coming up. You can also add your clients' birthdays, transaction anniversaries, and other notable milestones to your calendar to make it easier to remember important dates.
  • Clock: The clock app typically includes an alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, and world clock. You can use these tools to help keep yourself on schedule and on task. Time blocking while stranded on the island could be pretty important.
  • Memo/Voice Recorder: This tool can be helpful when you don't have palm fronds handy to jot down notes on. Use these tools to record quick reminders or to-do lists.

3. Visualization

  • Photo: It may not be professional quality, but in a pinch, your cell phone camera can be very handy. Use it to text or email impromptu listing photos and great community attractions.
  • Video: Use the video camera to capture testimonials when your clients are raving about your services. Provide walking video tours that highlight the natural beauty of your island and the amazing, fun community events it's home to.
  • Downloads: You can download important contracts and paperwork onto your smartphone for easy, on-the-go reference.

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