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A Look at Zillow's New Premier Agent App

November 30 2015

Zillow Group launched the new Premier Agent app today, available for free to all agents with a Zillow or Trulia profile.

The app gives agents an easy way to manage their incoming Zillow and Trulia leads, and offers insights into those leads based on the consumer's search behavior on the portals. In the app screenshot below, for example, you can see information like what size home, location, and price range that a lead has been searching for on the portals.

This lead "intel" helps agents come prepared to the first contact, and able to suggest homes and other valuable information to the lead right out of the gate--thus increasing the chances of conversion.

zillow premier agent app contact info

Of course, one of the most important components of converting leads is response time. You're 100 times less likely to get a response100 times less likely to get a response from a lead if you wait 30 minutes to contact them rather than five minutes.

With this in mind, the app offers push notifications that alert agents the moment a new lead comes in through Zillow or Trulia. Zillow has also baked a "Quick Response Toolbar" into the app, giving agents multiple ways to contact the lead immediately via email, phone, text, and more.

zillow premier agent app quick response

Beyond managing contacts, agents can leverage the app to manage their listings on the portals. App users can add more photos to their listing and list open house details. Agents can also request reviews right from the app once a transaction has closed.

Other features of the Zillow Premier Agent App include:

Quick Response Options

  • Push notification alerts agents the instant a contact is received from Zillow or Trulia.
  • Text to voice alerts connect agents directly with contacts for live conversation.
  • Quick response toolbar lets agents easily access contact forwarding, email, SMS and call reply options.

Contact Management Options

  • Incoming alerts will include message details from the contact, as well as information on the property the buyer or seller reached out about.
  • Information about the contact includes information like search history across Zillow and Trulia, as well as move timeframe and loan pre-approved status.
  • Agents will be able to set the status for contacts, based on the consumer's readiness to buy a home.
  • Agents can search across their entire contact list and sort by contact status.

Profile Management and Resources

  • Agents can manage listings and can post information about open houses or add additional photos.
  • Agents can request reviews while in the field with customers.
  • Agents can access the Premier Agent Resource Center.

The Zillow Premier Agent App is available to download for Android and iOS devices now. For more mobile app options, see our Product Directory.