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A perfect example of effective,consumer-oriented marketing

June 13 2011

We recently stumbled across a QR code success story that is a perfect example of effective,consumer-oriented marketing.

Based out of Birmingham,Alabama,a broker named Charita CadenheadCharita Cadenhead was struggling with a way to entice open house attendees to sign the log-in sheet.  So,she created and began distributing double-sided sign-in cards.  Each card had places for contact info on the front and instructions for downloading a “QR reader app”on the back.

After filling out the card and returning it to Charita,each attendee received a “One Day Sale” QR code coupon to scan.  And for the first time in Charita’s career,everyone who attended her open house signed in without hesitation!

This is a great example of QR code usage in real estateQR code usage in real estate on several fronts:

1. Solves a Problem – Having troubles getting attendees to log their contact info at open houses,Charita let technology step in.  By implementing her campaign with a fantastic call to action,she was able to overcome the ‘privacy issues’ hurdle and connect with her market’s tech savvy homebuyers.  Like any good carpenter,Charita let the tool do the work for her to solve a problem.

2. Call-To-Action – Too often,QR codes will just lead to contact info or property info that was already available on the media it was just scanned from.  In this case,Charita used a coupon giveaway to create value; a special,otherwise inaccessible offer available only to those who took the time to sign the cards.

3. Clear Instructions – Unfortunately,a limitation we are currently facing in QR code adoption is the lack of inherently supportive mobile handsets.  Many phones in Asia have been hard-coded to read and scan QR codes.  In America,the handsets are not quite to that point yet;QR interaction still requires the download of a “QR reader app”.  Aware of this issue,Charita printed clear,easy-to-follow instructions on the back of each sign-in card.

4. Mobile Optimized Landing Page – Charita also paid attention to the post-scan consumer experience by creating a “special Postlets pagespecial Postlets page”.  The QR code did not lead to her existing agent website or property search,but to a mobile-ready site that was created specifically for her open house marketing campaign.

Taking the time to construct your QR campaign correctly will open the door to interaction with homebuyersinteraction with homebuyers through the mobile medium they prefer.  And as you can see,proper implementation of QR codeQR code technology can also help overcome some of the adoption hurdles we currently face here in the U.S.

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