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An Agent is a Salesperson

June 08 2011

Guest Contributor Victor Lund Says:

Sometimes I think that real estate agents forget that they are salespeople. They get stuck in service mode and forget that they “eat what they kill.” For some reason, agents can find selling distasteful. They are either afraid to ask for the business or simply hate selling.

A prime example of this is the failure to use an Exclusive Buyers Representation Agreement. You have a contract with a seller, why not a buyer?

There are some ways that you can overcome your fear of selling. Perhaps one of these ideas will help you break through and close a few more transactions than you did last year.

  • Your customer expects to be sold. Although you may be shy about your role as a salesperson, your client presumes you to be one. They want you to ask for the order, or at least expect you to. They know that you are working on commission.
  • Plan your sales efforts. Many agents do not have a sales plan. They wander through each day waiting for the cosmos to drop sides into their lap. You know these people – you occasionally seem them in the office meetings. Don’t be like that. Make a commitment to how much and what types of marketing you will do and stick with it. For example, if you are going to use the Harmon Homes Magazine – contract for a year and get a specific page assigned to you – be the page 5 agent every issue. If you don’t have a listing, market your website. If you don’t have a website, as an agent in the office if you can advertise their listing (they will typically say yes).

  • Ramp up passive marketing. If you have a blog, or a website, or a newsletter, encourage everyone that you know to subscribe. It takes time, but once you build an audience of around 1000 people, you will get deals from this every month. Put in market statistics and any news of what is going on at the schools or planning commission. 
  • Maximize your social media presence. Social media works for marketing real estate. Stop arguing with yourself about not having enough time or being too private. Even if you simply listen and like things that people are saying, you are socializing and marketing your brand.

  • Make warm and cold calls. In today’s market, everyone knows a neighbor that is planning a move in the future. Call your friends and past clients. Be clear with them that you are looking for business. Here is a script “Hi Janet, how are you? Listen, you know that I sell real estate, and I just wanted to touch base with you to learn if you know anyone who might be thinking of selling their house. Don’t worry; I will not mention that you sent me their way unless you suggest that I do. Just looking to drum up some business.”

You are salesperson! Market yourself and ask for the order!