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November 11 2009

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AgentOffice is a mature Contact Management Software solution in the real estate industry. It was designed by real estate agents specifically to address the needs an agent has on a day-to-day basis.

AgentOffice does many things for a real estate agent with the exception of MLS access and an agent website. It also supports team activities. AgentOffice provides the ability to view all team member activities, the ability to reassign mass activities from one team member to another, and the ability to view and report on business activity by team member or the entire team. If you are working with a team, AgentOffice should be considered.

Setup time and ease of use.

AgentOffice software runs on your computer, so you do not need to be connected to the Internet to access the CRM. It can be purchased on CD or by electronic download for a discount. Be sure that your operating system supports AgentOffice before purchasing. The release of Version 10 of AgentOffice provided Vista compatibility. We are not sure about Windows 7 – as new operating systems are released, you will need to purchase an upgrade.

Setting up any CRM Solution is never easy. It takes time and dedication to load your contacts and calendars and set up your sales plan. You will need to decide if it is worthwhile to add in historical information (sales documents of past sales) or just start anew. The good news is that AgentOffice has a large support infrastructure, a large user group, and a number of resellers and consultants who can help you.

Like most top line non-real estate focused CRM solutions, AgentOffice offers a complete package of features that are all integrated into the software: contact management, word processing, scheduling, email, desktop publishing, document storage, listing management, and sales management.

Other Key Features

Activity Features

  • Shared Calendar among teams
  • Activity Assignment for yourself and team members
  • Customer assignment to team members
  • Activity reports by team member or customer
  • Scheduling of routine tasks for customer sales development and closing task

Contact Features

  • Deep field level detail for recording complete contact information
  • Support for multiple customer emails and mailing addresses
  • Support for grouping customers into categories or sales cycle phases
  • Duplicate record checker
  • Forms can be branded to you, your team or your brokerage
  • Contact Backups

Document Manager

  • Save document templates
  • Assign documents to categories
  • Export documents
  • Email documents
  • Auto-populate template documents with contact information
  • Document backup
  • ZipForm/WINForm Integration and auto population


AgentOffice is one of the most full-featured desktop solutions for real estate. Usability has been a focus for years, and they have refined the user interface to make it straight forward for the first time user, and fast for the experienced user. The company offers superior support through its network of resellers, consultants and resellers.