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You Can't Network Online Without Generating Conversation

January 11 2011

girl thinksIf you are not talking to prospective buyers you will not be selling any homes. It is something we all understand. Getting in conversation with prospective buyers is the key and the ultimate goal of your marketing if you want to sell more homes.

The process is actually quite simple in principle: engage prospective buyers to take action and connect with you, get in conversation and move them into your sales process based on their qualifications. This is why we market, advertise and network. This is why we strive to pick up the phone when it rings and respond to inquiries quickly. There is no point to driving prospective home buyers to connet if you are available to greet and engage these visitors into a conversation about their needs.

So what happens online? Why do we let web shoppers come and go without a true attempt to make a connection? The principles to selling to a web shoppers are no different. You have to get them to your site and you have to get them to take action to connect with you. Your website has to be a true sales center. Less than 1% of unique visitors take action while online and it makes sense, do you like to give up your name e-mail and phone without talking to someone first? How can you make sure you stop letting your web traffic walk away without giving your best shot at engaging them into conversation?

Getting the conversation started is your responsibility.

Benefits of Live Chat:

With today technology and timeless sales principles you can get a conversation started online today. With a well designed and executed live chat concierge solution your website becomes more than a billboard or online brochure. With live chat your website is transformed into a true sales center. You are able to proactively invite an anonymous web shopper to have a conversation about their needs. Because with live chat the conversation can be engaged by simply giving a name the web shopper is much less resistant to connect.

Most Realtors®do not have the ability or the bandwidth to learn and execute a successful live chat model. Live chat is not about giving more information, it about moving the web shoppers from anonymous to live prospects.

With a live chat concierge service, real estate agents get into conversation with more prospective buyers, that is the key to selling more home in today’s market. Few are already leveraging the strategy of placing a trained team of professionals in their website. With such a competitive advantage agents are able to differentiatethemself from their competition and by being first in conversation they increase the odds of selling a home to that anonymous web shopper.

So what are you waiting for? Take your website from informational to conversational and sell more homes!