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BoomTown Marketing Platform


BoomTown helps real estate professionals generate leads, manage contacts, and run their business better. Over 55,000 of the industry’s best use our products to close more deals. Their success is trademarked with growth. It’s why the Real Trends Thousand is dominated by BoomTown clients. We bring the technology and experts to turn opportunities into closings.

With our product suite, you get access to world-class lead generation, consumer-websites, CRM technology, and a powerful mobile app. Together, they create a seamless experience so you can attract, convert, and win new clients easily.

Imagine finding more time in your day, as BoomTown assists with your work. Imagine having 250+ experts in digital marketing, software development, and success coaching behind your back, helping you close more deals. No other tech firm can rival the success we bring to our clients.

Consumer Website

Make homebuyers excited to shop for homes. Our consumer website delivers beautiful pictures, helpful property details, and handy tools for the everyday home shopper.

Lead Generation

Capture real estate shoppers before competitors can snatch them up. Our portfolio of tools and 250+ experts will give you the leading edge in marketing.

Predictive CRM

Knowing is half the battle. Identify opportunities with insights, fine-tune your workflow, and concentrate on the business that generates ROI.

Success Assurance

A Lead Concierge Service that monitors your entire database, qualifying & engaging leads on your behalf.

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5 Real Estate Follow-Up Rules You Need to Be Following
Ready to level up your real estate career and begin generating more income? Read on! We're sharing five must-follow rules to expand, grow, and scale your real estate business. Agents that successfully follow these guidelines typically see more transaction sides, more closings, and more revenue. It's not magic — it's a data-backed approach based on findings from a study conducted by RealTrends in 2021. Let's explore the tips derived from the survey analyzing how marking practices and contact database size may impact performance. 1. Marketing Should Target Both Potential New Leads AND Former Clients Did you know that including your entire sphere in your marketing plans can boost your success by an average of 9% more transaction sides? Agents that only focus on attracting net-new clients are missing out on the opportunities for business introduced by their past clients. Your past buyer and seller clients are sources of referrals. Staying in touch with them through regular outreach boosts your chances of being recommended to one of their deal-ready friends or relatives. Furthermore, past clients also offer opportunities for repeat business. Your past clients will likely eventually become sellers and buyers in the future. If you're able to maintain a strong connection, they will be more likely to choose you as their agent again. 2. Implement a Systematic Follow-Up Process for Every Contact Agents who do not employ any kind of systematic follow-up generate 12% fewer transaction sides than those who have a formal strategy for working new leads. For agents who have a formal strategy in place for both new leads and past clients, the difference in transaction activity is 22%. Lead outreach and follow-up should be approached on a lead-by-lead basis. Individually curated follow-up is more effective than dry, generic advertising. Not only does this approach build a connection between your sphere and your business, but it also delivers real, substantial value to your leads. Your leads don't gain anything when you send out a conventional "let's do business" email. They already understand that you are there to do business, and you're not really offering them any new, innovative value. On the other hand, your leads do benefit from customized, specific messaging that speaks to their needs and circumstances. For example, if you know that your lead is a first-time homebuyer concerned about securing financing, you will be able to grab their attention with personalized messaging. You might share a guide for preparing for a first mortgage and an overview of the escrow process as attachments to that "let's do business" email. Your follow-up becomes value-driven rather than value-lacking. 3. Workflows Should Use a Mix of Contact Types Real estate teams that do not use both programmatic and social media advertising typically see 29% fewer transactions on average. When reaching out to your previous clients and new leads, you should combine a diverse mix of contact types — including programmatic and social media advertising. Social media should be a key component of your lead generation and outreach strategy as consumers spend an average of nearly seven hours a day online, with 145 minutes dedicated to social media. If you want more eyes on your business, make sure that your ads are coming up when your prospects are scrolling through their social media feeds. 4. Aim for 10+ Touchpoints Per Person, Per Month Want 39% more transaction sides? That comes from making 10 or more touchpoints per person, per month to all of the contacts in your database. Reaching out less than ten times per month is not going to introduce the success you're hoping for. But, when you achieve ten or more outreach touchpoints per lead each month, you will boost your chances of securing business by moving leads through your sales funnel. Increasing the number of touchpoints sent to each lead can help you retain the opportunities for business that are sitting in your CRM. Since you're top of mind, your leads will be less likely to seek another agent. 5. Grow Your Database Beyond the Tipping Point of 500 Contacts Agents whose database contains more than 500 contacts have an average of 25% more transaction sides than agents with databases smaller than 500 contacts. Investing time on marketing and networking action plans can help you grow your database beyond the "tipping point" of 500 contacts. If your database currently has less than 500 contacts, getting the contact information of your web traffic should be a top priority for growth. To do so, include captivating calls to action that prompt site visitors to submit their contact information when interacting with your website. Then, add them into your CRM so they begin to receive your communications — putting more leads into your seamless, "rinse and repeat" sales funnel that's been achieved by following these five tips. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown
Results Driven Marketing: How to Get More Leads and Referrals Year-after-Year
Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 10:00 AM PDT Are you wasting time chasing poor quality leads that go nowhere? Are you spending time and money on high competition leads that result in little to no business? If so, you're not alone, and we're here to help. In this webinar you will learn: Not all leads are created equal – how to identify which leads will work for you. Proven lead generation strategies that will make you money with less effort. How to create a marketing system that increases referrals and repeat business. This 45-minute webinar, followed by a Q&A, is hosted by real estate marketing expert Phil Hollander, Vice President, Business and Professional Development at Morris Real Estate Marketing Group. Register
7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Google Sheets
There's a powerful tool available to real estate agents that's free to use. That's right, we're talking about Google Sheets. Sheets can do everything from making managing your database easier to creating eye-catching charts. This Microsoft Excel alternative is extra powerful when synced to your CRM. Not sure how to do that? Check out the video above from API Nation, a service that connects technology solutions together in order to share data and automate tasks. This video shares seven tips that will make Google Sheets easy to use, including: Sync your CRM to a Google Sheet Quickly fix capitalizations and split full names to first and last names Make every Sheet easier to read, and simpler to navigate Create charts just by typing a question Import data between different Sheets Want to learn more about using Google Sheets? Check out these articles: 7 Google Sheet Templates for Real Estate Businesses How to Automate a Google Sheets Lead Capture