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BoomTown Marketing Platform


BoomTown helps real estate professionals generate leads, manage contacts, and run their business better. Over 55,000 of the industry’s best use our products to close more deals. Their success is trademarked with growth. It’s why the Real Trends Thousand is dominated by BoomTown clients. We bring the technology and experts to turn opportunities into closings.

With our product suite, you get access to world-class lead generation, consumer-websites, CRM technology, and a powerful mobile app. Together, they create a seamless experience so you can attract, convert, and win new clients easily.

Imagine finding more time in your day, as BoomTown assists with your work. Imagine having 250+ experts in digital marketing, software development, and success coaching behind your back, helping you close more deals. No other tech firm can rival the success we bring to our clients.

Consumer Website

Make homebuyers excited to shop for homes. Our consumer website delivers beautiful pictures, helpful property details, and handy tools for the everyday home shopper.

Lead Generation

Capture real estate shoppers before competitors can snatch them up. Our portfolio of tools and 250+ experts will give you the leading edge in marketing.

Predictive CRM

Knowing is half the battle. Identify opportunities with insights, fine-tune your workflow, and concentrate on the business that generates ROI.

Success Assurance

A Lead Concierge Service that monitors your entire database, qualifying & engaging leads on your behalf.

For more about BoomTown, visit boomtownroi.com


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Gone are the days when the traditional horizontal video was king. Thanks to social media and the widespread consumption of content on smartphones, vertical now rules the roost. If you're not already creating TikTok videos or Stories and Reels for Instagram and Facebook, now's the time to start. But don't let the format change intimidate you—let it save you time instead! Because vertical video is more casual and off-the-cuff in nature, it takes less time and effort to create. There's no need to use fancy equipment, set up shots, or spend much time in post-production—your smartphone is all the tool you'll need! Vertical videos are so easy to create that you can get started ASAP. Watch the video above to learn: How to create better content with less effort 3 types of vertical videos to create for your real estate business Tips and tricks for making your videos more watchable And more! Further Reading How to Leverage Instagram Reels for Real Estate 7 Adjustments That Will Make You Better on Camera TikTok: Video Makes the Real Estate Star 7 Fresh TikTok Video Ideas from TikTok
3 Tips for 'Spring Cleaning' Your Real Estate Business
The hot summer housing market is just around the corner. Is your real estate business ready? All agents who want this season to be their most successful one yet should be taking a moment to prepare for the upcoming shifts in the market. Typically, summertime sees a surge of buyer demand alongside more homeowners listing their properties for sale. According to a study that investigated the times of the year when people are more likely to move, June is one of the busiest months — with July 31 being the single most busy day for moving in the U.S. For agents, this means that more buyers and sellers usually enter the market at this bustling time of year. If you want to capitalize on these opportunities and lock in more transactions to grow your business, there are steps you can already start taking to prepare for the summer real estate rush. 3 Best Practices to Prepare for Real Estate's Summer Rush Agents, it's time to take notes. We've put together three must-do tasks to help you strategically "spring clean" your real estate business. From optimizing your workflow to making sure that your tech stack is equipped to boost its bandwidth, here's everything you need to do. 1. Polish Up Your CRM Contact List First things first, it all starts with your CRM. Your database of contacts is like a gold mine for your business — but whether or not you activate its full potential depends on how you leverage it. To ensure that your database is ready to roll into real estate's busiest time of year, take some time to review your contacts. Correct any errors, add any additional insights you may have, and tag all of your contacts under the correct categories — so you'll know at a glance where they lie in your funnel (are they lukewarm, cold, or ultra-hot?) and what their transaction type is (buyers, sellers, downsizing?). Having a clean contact database means that when you get a rush of new leads, you're prepared to do your best business and use your CRM to its full potential. 2. Audit Your Technology Tools If you haven't performed a technology audit recently, now is a great time to make sure that all of your tools are working well for your business. Look for any possible system upgrades or new offerings that may be available to improve your efficiency. We recommend doing some quick research on the websites of your tech providers or reaching out to service teams to get the inside scoop on all things new. As you review your current set of technologies, prioritize automation — which can help you do more without actually having to do more. To streamline everywhere you can to get the maximum efficiency out of your tech software, make sure that you're leveraging smart integrations. Automation frees up time in your day while giving you access to more business opportunities. 3. Enhance Your Drip Email Marketing Campaigns Are your drip email campaigns in need of a refresher? As you're automating your workflow, make sure to give your nurture campaigns some TLC before summertime hits. Revisit your action plan and customize your nurture cadence to make sure that you're hitting the optimum number of touchpoints — which is 10, per lead, per month — and are reaching out on diverse platforms, like email, text, social media ads, and more. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown
10 Questions Home Sellers Ask Google (and 40 Key Phrases to Target Them)
Last week, we posted a list of common homebuyer questions and keywords for targeting buyers with Google Ads. But what about sellers? Never fear—we wouldn't dare overlook this valuable demographic. That's why today, we're providing a list of common questions homeowners ask when considering selling their home, and corresponding key phrases for each. Tip: These questions and key phrases are good for more than just target sellers with ads. Each question is also a great prompt for writing a blog or newsletter post. You can even work the related key phrases into your post to get it to rank higher on Google. That way, sellers looking for answers to these questions see your blog post, visit your website, and learn all about a great Realtor who has all the information they want. Let's dive in… 1. How do I prepare my home for sale? home staging tips home improvement ideas decluttering tips curb appeal ideas 2. What is my home worth? home value estimate property appraisal home valuation services real estate market analysis 3. Should I hire a real estate agent to sell my home? real estate agent benefits real estate agent fees selling a home without an agent choosing a real estate agent 4. What are the steps to selling a home? home selling process steps to selling a house selling a house checklist home sale timeline 5. How do I stage my home for a quick sale? home staging tips home staging services home staging professionals staging a house to sell fast 6. How can I sell my home fast? sell my house fast quick home sale cash home buyers home selling companies 7. What are the closing costs when selling a home? home selling closing costs seller closing costs calculator real estate attorney fees title company fees 8. How do I negotiate with buyers? home buyer negotiation tactics negotiating home sale price counteroffer strategies negotiating home inspection repairs 9. What are some common mistakes to avoid when selling a home? home selling mistakes to avoid common home selling pitfalls mistakes to avoid when listing a home selling a home tips and tricks 10. How do I handle multiple offers on my home? multiple offer situation competing home offers handling multiple offers on a home home offer negotiation