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VirtualTourCafe was one of if not the first national virtual tour service to offer integration for the Matterport 3D!


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14 Benefits of Virtual 360 Tours for Real Estate Sales and Marketing, Part 2
We're back this week with the second half of our list of the top benefits of virtual 360 tours for real estate (see Part 1 here). Below are the final seven key benefits of virtual tours in sales and marketing according to some of the best agents in the industry. 8. Better qualified buyers Attract more motivated, qualified buyers with a 24/7 open house. First of all, aren't you tired of tire kickers or next door neighbors coming to the open house and wasting your time? Secondly how many people can you run through an open house on the weekend? Virtual 360° tours allow everyone to have what they expect. The buyers can browse through hundreds of properties without leaving their home. Agents get only qualified buyers that have already seen the property and are ready for a final showing. How good is that? You can finally focus on negotiating the price with the right customers. According to Morris Short of REMAX Xtra, using a virtual 360° tour can get even 120 people doing a showing in one day! Can you beat that in any other way? Of course not—the times have changed and your life as an agent can be much easier. 9. Sell to anywhere in the world Sell properties from anywhere and to anyone in the world. International or interstate customers are buying properties in Sydney and New York without even flying there. Brandon Read, Ray White Cairns, Australia just confirms this as they sold a million dollar property using a virtual tour without the buyer flying in to Cairns. They only viewed the property using a virtual 360° tour. Even single agents creating virtual tours sell properties to interstate buyers. After COVID, remote work allows many people to leave expensive metro areas and follow their dream of living in a more affordable suburban or rural location. These buyers or tenants expect to see their options without having to travel. 10. Significantly shorter showings Agents can enjoy quicker showings as potential buyers have already seen the property online and all of its features. Agents using virtual reality tours to sell real estate are reporting that their time spent on showing houses has dramatically decreased as buyers have seen the properties beforehand. They have inspected every corner of the house, they have discussed it with their family and friends simply by sending them the link to the virtual tour. When they arrive, the kids run straight to their already chosen bedrooms. Everyone is happy as there is no unnecessary time wasted on either side. As mentioned previously, sellers don't have to leave the house for as long. 11. Save time on traveling Save your time on driving to open houses that nobody comes to. How many times have you driven to your Saturday open house for 20-30 minutes just to have nobody come to see your property? You could have been having drinks with your friends or watching your kids play football! If you pre-qualify buyers and they confirm their presence, you will save a lot of driving time. Agents that have been in the real estate industry for almost 20 years tell us they are tired of such exercises and would rather use virtual 360° tours to present the properties. Moreover, agents using VR tours report they do four instead of eight showings per week, thanks to virtual 360° tours. 12. Incredible convenience and transparency for buyers Allow buyers to revisit the property again and again without you having to accompany them. Buying a home is never a single person decision, and if one person came to see your property, they have to go back home and explain to their family how the property looks like and what is so exciting about it. The regular photos don't do it justice, but a virtual 360° tour delivers full transparency. 13. Easier quotes for renovations Allow buyers to discuss potential renovations to the property by showing 360° tours to their contractors. Buyers can consult the renovation specialists and get some idea on what can or can not be changed inside of a property, e.g., if the kitchen can be extended or if a small wall can be removed and how much such a renovation may cost. Moreover, a virtual 360° tour can be virtually renovated so that the buyers can have a preview of what it might look like. 14. Virtually transfer buyers to the property Present all properties you can't access to buyers in your office by using VR goggles. Each virtual tour can be viewed in a VR headset, which allows buyers to feel like they are really standing inside of the property. Agents like Jo Mooney have been sending cardboard VR goggles to potential buyers so they can just insert their mobile phone into them and immerse themselves in the space they are considering. That's how she successfully sells sight unseen! Learn how you can create unique virtual tours in under 15 minutes for less than $3. Book a free information call here. To view the original article, visit the Virtual Tours Creator
14 Benefits of Virtual 360 Tours for Real Estate Sales and Marketing, Part 1
Did you know that, according to, listings with 360 virtual tours sold 10% faster and were 22% more likely to sell within 30 days than listings without. Unless you have been living under a rock, you saw the whole industry change because of the global pandemic. Here are the key benefits of virtual tours in sales and marketing according to some of the best agents in the industry. 1. Put your online presence on steroids Ninety percent of buyers are looking for properties online first and virtual tours definitely help you improve your visual appeal and Google positioning. If you think your letter drops are doing the work and getting you leads, that's fine—but in the post-COVID era, being digitally present and having some sort of Google search position is now more important than ever before. Sellers and buyers both take advice from the internet. If your face or your brand is not there on top of the search, you may soon be hurting for business. 2. Online showings 24/7 Buyers simply don't have time to do open houses every weekend, so give them a chance to inspect a property from the comfort of their own home and from any device. Virtual tours are a win-win situation for agents, sellers and buyers according to Lora Bladow, REMAX Excel agency owner from Schofield, Wisconsin. For agents, they save time on driving multiple times to open the door to a property. On the other hand, buyers don't have the time or even the opportunity to visit 35 homes in one weekend. A virtual 360° tour allows all to have a showing whenever they want to. And last but not least are the sellers that will not have to leave their house every weekend for a few hours to vacate the property for potential buyers. Virtual reality is a tool that allows you to have an outstanding marketing package. 3. Stand out from the crowd All listings look the same—they have photos, videos or even drone videos. But that's not exactly what your customers want. According to research, more than 70% of buyers would love to see a virtual tour of the house they found online before making a decision to go to the open house. 4. Reduce time of property on the market Agents using virtual 360° tours can reduce the time a property spends on the market because they can efficiently present the property to a much wider audience of not only local but interstate and international buyers. In rural areas, our customers managed to get DOM down from 160 days to two to three weeks. According to Lora Bladow, REMAX Excel, her listings not only sold faster but also at higher prices as there was more competition amongst buyers. 5. Win more listings Win listings by blowing sellers' minds away. Only 3-5% of agents worldwide are able to make their own virtual tours, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, follow the advice of Edgar Natolo, Nat Group owner, Gold Coast, Australia and beat your competition hands-down by offering virtual 360° tours in your marketing package. Some sellers are desperately waiting for you to come in and save them from other agents who can't present their property in the most efficient way. 6. Create your own brand Create your own unique, personal brand that stands out from the crowd and makes people take notice. If you improve your marketing and services with the latest and greatest solutions that are available on the market, like virtual 360 tours, you will undoubtedly be noticed and talked about in your local area. Using such technology can easily get you access to the local news and will definitely build up your image in the local community. And this, my friends, is GOLD ! 7. Never lose a listing again Win sellers by impressing them with your immersive technology and impressive marketing mix. Agents using DIY 360° technology say that many times they have been able to secure listings as they did the virtual 360° tour on the spot during the listing presentation. It's not what you normally do, as you should have the house prepared and staged for the photos. But if the owner wants to test you, you can take out your camera or your iPhone and do a demo virtual tour for them on the spot on your mobile device. This will knock them off their feet, make you the best person for selling their house, and win you their trust. Read more in Part 2... To view the original article, visit the Virtual Tours Creator
Trending Now: Smart Technology, Smart Marketing, Smart Realtors
Real estate technology in 2021 is giving you ways to shape your future. Whether you are focused primarily on residential or commercial property, you can't ignore the changing landscape of your industry. Now is your time to take advantage of proptech trends to boost your brand, increase buyer awareness, grow your leads, and keep those referrals coming. As threatening as the word sounds, technology is your friend and it can influence the way you do business and the way the consumer judges your competency. The popularity of smart devices, social media, and video streaming are reasons to take note and implement these tools into your real estate marketing plans. Get social Not a day goes by without someone discussing something happening on their social media feed. According to a recent NAR survey, social media is one of the most valuable proptech tools for real estate agents. With buyers and sellers checking out Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube regularly, these channels are places where you can share one of the best proptech trends 2021 has to offer: the virtual tour. You have been using 3D videos and virtual tours throughout the past several months to offer a way for the consumer to easily navigate a property. But now you can allow the user more control using interactive floor plans with 360° panoramic visuals. The best part is you can share it all on your social media channels, websites, or even host a live tour where you can interact in real-time with your clients. Added value Everyone wants an upgrade and, in real estate, there are ways to provide added value to your clients by giving them the benefit of an immersive floor plan with the accurate square footage of a property. Measurements are important especially when communicating value to the consumer. Complimenting a virtual tour with an interactive floor plan allows for seamless navigation throughout every space within the property. When using real estate technology in 2021, be sure to include advanced measurements to assist the buyer when making important decisions for renovations, insurance claims, or placement of furniture. BIG data One of the most useful proptech trends 2021 has to offer real estate agents is data. Bigger is better when it comes to analyzing all the important facts and figures in the industry. How does big data affect your day-to-day business? The consumer is looking for ways to compare and analyze potential homes to target their individual specifications. Big data allows you to provide insight into all the statistics you need to help the buyer on their journey. Everything from neighbourhood demographic information to walk scores, crime rates and the all-important selling and buying trends allow for better decisions based on analytics. Real estate agents can use analytics to track the success of marketing campaigns by using big data to compile user feedback, interest in a property, and the overall performance of every transaction. Easy to share with 5G Yes, big data is important but without the ability to share all that information you could be left waiting for long periods of time before you see results. Enter the power of 5G networks to support all the real estate technology in 2021. Transmission speed helps you get information to the consumer in a timely manner. 5G helps you connect all your virtual tours, interactive floor plans and communication tools quickly and less costly. High definition imagery, connection to cameras, virtual reality and massive data transmissions can happen instantly with the power of 5G. When you are looking to increase buyer awareness amongst millennials, their predecessors and successors, you need speed. Instant gratification is key when capturing the attention of a potential client. Lose the fear One of the biggest challenges facing real estate agents is the fear of proptech trends in 2021 and beyond. Let's face it, technology can be difficult to keep up with. But once you get past the fear of the changing landscape of the real estate industry you will embrace the trends and welcome newer and better innovative proptech. According to Realtor® Magazine, 84% of consumers want to see virtual tours of homes. Before the pandemic hit, you may not have considered using virtual tours as part of your marketing plan. But now immersive 3D tours and interactive floor plans with reliable square footage are the best way to market a property, increase leads, and get properties sold quickly. Technology gives you the ideal way to attract qualified buyers while providing a safe, unintrusive method of presenting a seller's home. Considering what is trending now and where real estate technology in 2021 has taken you. There is a whole lot more coming at you in the not-so-distant future. A reshaping of the real estate industry through proptech innovations is well underway, so if you want to stay in shape you need to be informed and embrace technology like your best