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Staging Tips for a Virtual Open House
Virtual home tours exploded in popularity during the pandemic, even being recommended by the National Association of Realtors to remain safe. Most places have lifted pandemic restrictions, but virtual tours remain popular, especially for far away buyers looking to relocate. As always, planning and preparation is critical for making the best impression. Staging for Your Virtual Open House or Video Walk-Through In many locations, it won't be possible to stage homes in the traditional sense while social distancing is in place. For a virtual open house or video walk-through that you record yourself, you will need to work with homeowners to help stage the interior of the home before your scheduled arrival. Focus on decluttering and making the interior spaces feel as large as possible for the video. Ideally, see if you can ask the owner to send you photos of each room and meet with them on the phone or through online video conferencing to provide suggestions for improvements. If there is storage space available in an attic, basement, or garage, ask the homeowner to consider putting items that are causing clutter in these spaces temporarily. Curbside Appeal Make sure you capture the exterior from the street with the approach to the entrance and front door in your virtual open house or video walk-through. Your goal should be to simulate the experience of attending an actual open house in-person for your viewers. If attention to the yard and landscaping is needed, you might be able to find landscaping contractors who are operating and practicing social distancing guidelines. Virtual Staging for Photos Thanks to technology, you can apply very effective virtual staging to your interior property photos. Similar to traditional on-site staging in a home, this can make a dramatic difference when it's done well. This option can be quite inexpensive and well worth the cost. Visualstager is a DIY service that lets you upload your photos and make the staging choices yourself using their virtual staging tools. The following articles provide a number of reviews that will help you start exploring virtual staging software options: The 13 Best Virtual Staging Apps and Software for Real Estate How to Stage Your Home with the Click of a Mouse To view the original article, visit the iHomeFinder
Why Use 3D Tours to Engage Buyers?
Impact. If you want to have an impact on your real estate marketing, think of 3D tours. Photos are useful to present a two-dimensional picture of a property, but with 3D tours, you not only paint the picture but you make the picture come to life. Videos can help the consumer comprehend a space quickly and can deepen the emotional attachment. Here are the top ways to engage buyers using 3D tours. The stage Preparation for your new listing begins with staging. Work with the seller and provide them with candid ways to get their home ready for shooting professional 3D tours, photos, and videos. Identify areas within the home that require cleaning, decluttering, and adjustment of furniture placement. Engaging with buyers Have your 3D tours ready to share on a variety of different platforms. Naturally, the first choice is to make sure you link the 3D tour to your MLS listing information. From there you can connect and share with existing leads, fellow agents, and prospective clients. is the largest most popular platform for showcasing your listings and with every virtual tour you are reaching hundreds or thousands of potential buyers. Social sharing According to Social Media Week, 82% of all online traffic will be in the form of video in 2022. Currently, 78% of people watch online videos weekly. Considering these numbers, engaging potential buyers with a 3D tour through Facebook ads, your Instagram profile, and other social media is an excellent way to grab attention. Consumers love watching videos and NAR's 2021 generational report states that 58% of buyers reported videos as important on their journey to purchase a new home. Teaser post Before your listing goes live share a teaser post on your website before posting the entire 3D tour. Some of the best rooms for small snippets of information are the kitchen and master bedroom. Offering a short video post is like a movie trailer—it's a way to sieze attention and create a desire for the entire virtual tour. Retention Did you know that engaging buyers with 3D tours can lead to more sales and longer periods of interaction as a result of watching the video? Video helps buyers to retain information about your listings and according to Quick Sprout, consumers are 64% more likely to buy a product after viewing an online video. Write your own script Use your 3D tours for virtual showings and virtual open houses. Take a few minutes to create a script to align with the virtual tour of the home highlighting the floor plan and features. Once you have it perfected, you can go ahead and share it directly with the consumer through a text message. You stay in control of the virtual showing and can interact with potential buyers at every turn. Video walk-through Post a video walk-through on your website to increase your buyer leads. According to recent HubSpot data, 84% of marketers say video improves your lead generation. Engaging with buyers by using 3D virtual tours not only provides awareness of your brand and each listing but can help you make the sale faster with better leads. 3D tours impact your sales and marketing in positive ways. From better-qualified buyers to happy sellers, iGUIDE improves the way you do
Elevate Your Virtual Tours
Virtual tours took center stage when agents from coast to coast needed to find new, more effective ways to protect their clients. But even as restrictions on travel and gathering draw to an end, they are still in high demand. Virtual tours are convenient for buyers and sellers alike. Sellers no longer need to worry about inviting large groups of people into a home that's still occupied. Buyers have the opportunity to greatly expand the radius of their search without doing a lot of extra travel as a result. Virtual tours were already starting to take hold prior to the pandemic, but they skyrocketed more than 750% in the month after shelter-in-place orders were enacted across the United States. Since then, they have seen steady adoption at agencies and brokerages of all sizes. Now, virtual tours have been a regular part of doing business for more than a year. Time has taught the industry a lot. Homes with virtual tours get substantially more engagement than those without. In fact, visitors spend up to 10x more time on listings with virtual tours than those without. What's more: Property listings with virtual tours get clicked 40% more than listings with only still photos 75% of all prospects asked said that they preferred virtual tours as a decision-making tool But virtual tours can have a steep learning curve for agents. How can you use them to the best advantage in your listings? Six Ways to Make a Virtual Tour Easier and More Effective than Ever Before It seems like there are new tech skills for agents to tackle every day — and let's face it, few people came to this industry from a past career as a videographer. But you can get a strong start with virtual tours by keeping a few simple ideas in mind. Even if you're already using virtual tours with some success, you can continue to improve by making sure the right fundamentals are in place. Here's how: Start With a Plan in Mind Every home is different, and it's up to your virtual tour to help you tell the story in the best way possible. This becomes easier with a little forethought. Walk through the house and put together a shortlist of all the features you want to highlight. Use your list to give yourself a miniature outline of how the virtual tour will work, letting you know precisely which elements to showcase in each room. Prepare the Space Before You Begin Staging is just as crucial for a virtual tour as it is for an in-person showing. Make sure the rooms have been decluttered, including large furniture that could get in the way. Coordinate with your seller to ensure lawn work is taken care of and political signs are removed from the yard. Open curtains and shades on all the windows, and be sure to time your recording to benefit from natural light. Find the Best Tools for the Job Using your smartphone for video is fine for social media, but a virtual tour should be more polished. The higher quality your video is, the better it will perform. Experiment with your options, including setting up a professional camera on a tripod or carrying one through the rooms with you. When it comes to aerial photography, it's often best to hire the services of an experienced drone photographer. Help Your Virtual Tour Shine with Editing When they're still getting used to the process, most real estate agents record their virtual tours rather than streaming them live. If this describes you, you have the added bonus of being able to bring your tour to the next level with editing. This is ideal for cutting out any instances where you repeated yourself. It also gives you creative control over options like intro music and branding. Use the Right Software Real estate virtual tour software can vastly accelerate the process of getting comfortable with virtual tours. Tools like Properties in Motion simplify the matter by making it easier to create high-quality, branded videos complete with voice-over. It automatically pulls all needed details from the MLS, feeds videos to Facebook and your website, and makes it easy to track lead activity. Implement Automation Elsewhere in Your Practice As with everything in real estate, virtual tours become easier when you have the right processes. If you find yourself spending a lot of time crafting the perfect virtual tour, don't beat yourself up over it: Lean into the learning experience. By implementing an all-in-one real estate solution like DeltaNET®6, you can introduce reliable, AI-driven automation to other parts of your business so you can spend more time where it is needed. Discover just how easy good virtual tours can be with a free 30-day trial of DeltaNET 6. To view the original article, visit the Delta Media Group