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Knockout Your Marketing Calendar for the Rest of the Year... in Just 60 Minutes!
Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 9:00 AM PDT Like the punchline of a joke, good marketing is all about timing. When the right message finds the clients who need to hear it, magic happens. Leads, listings, and referrals pour in no matter what the market is doing or the time of year. But figuring out what, when, and how to deliver your message can be overwhelming. That's why, this Thursday, we're going to share a 12-month calendar of marketing ideas during a free live training. That's right. You can knock-out your entire yearly marketing plan... in just 60 minutes! We'll share the ideas, campaigns, and templates that will keep the business flowing year round. During Thursday's webinar, you're going to learn: A full 12-months of marketing ideas, campaigns, and templates to help you generate more leads, listings, and commissions all year long. A simple email template that filled our pipeline with over $80k in commissions in less than 4 weeks. A script to turn an unlikely source of fans and advocates into human-billboards to build up your presence in your local marketplace. How to deploy "omnipresent marketing" in order to garner more clients and word of mouth business. The "bullet proof" campaign you need for ready-to-act prospects and quick commissions. Tools to turn more leads into customers and door-stomping advocates. Register
Facebook Marketing Best Practices
Monday, March 25, 2019 at 10:00 AM PDT There are a lot of people on Facebook. It's what makes advertising on Facebook so powerful: you have the potential to reach TONS of new sellers and buyers to make your business grow. Unfortunately, it also means that your ads will be seen by the wrong people from time to time. Join us as we teach you Facebook ad best practices to help you reach the right potential customers. We'll show you: How to share your Cloud Attract landing pages on social media quickly and effortlessly How to boost your posts How to create your first Facebook ad and who to target ... and more. Register
How to Create and Effectively Use Email Lists to Grow Your Business
Do you remember when we liked getting email? We liked it so much that Hollywood once made an entire movie about it. In You've Got Mail, the charming and feisty shop owner (played by Meg Ryan) had an email flirtation with the business savvy, but slightly annoying corporate executive (played by Tom Hanks). Each time they heard the addicting ding signifying a new message, they couldn't wait to read it. Remember that feeling? It goes without saying that these days, things may have changed a little