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7 Ways to Search Twitter for Marketing
Millions of people flood Twitter and many more are signing up. Some tweet out of boredom or pass on information as it comes, others try to find ways to harness the microblogging database and use it for marketing. R.J. Metrics reported at the end of January 2010 that Twitter has over 75 million users. The power of this social media channel for marketing, particularly for the real estate industry is huge! But with such an overwhelming number of tweets per day, how do you begin to weed through Twitter and target the users who could actually want to hear about your real estate listings, or services? John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing, recently shared some valuable information about how to go about using Twitter for marketing business services. He provides seven ways to search Twitter for marketing: Target by occupation Target by bio Target by location New sign ups Keep up on your industry Competitive eavesdropping Trending photos Continue to read his
Boost Business with Solid Online Reputation
Reputation has always been important for sales professionals. Consumers need to believe in the salesman to believe in the product. The difference today is it’s much easier for that reputation to spread far and wide thanks to the review websites and social media. This scares some sales people because a bad review can stick with you. More information is generally thought to favor the consumer, but there’s also a huge upside for sales people not to be
Taking a Sales Pitch to a New Low
Sometimes sales people take the concept of "the glass is half full" to such an extreme it's hilarious. Yes, even real estate agents are guilty of this.  Phrases like "natural barrier outside the porch" start to make you wonder what that means or if it's really a positive. Every now and then you get both the description as well as a photo.  That is a gold mine for humor. Enjoy this video that pokes fun at agents' use of hyperbole when trying to sell the high points of a home.