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Virtual Tours by VirtualTourCafe

vtc logo   Virtual Tours

virtual tour 1

State-of-the-art high-definition virtual tour window toggles between standard and full-screen viewing to showcase your listings

virtual tour 2

  • 12 pre-defined templates with diferent color schemes to choose from.
  • Customize your template by choosing from our large list of national brokerage logos and banners or upload your own

virtual tour3

  • Full featured Slide Show with our patent-pending SlideShowEditor™ for easy online editing! An industry first!
  • Change the order with drag-n-drop technology, change contrast, brightness, titles, and more...
  • Choose the style of transitions between a pair of slides or all slides at once in your Global Settings!
  • In a hurry? Don't worry! All of this is optional...

virtual tour 4

Create a virtual walk-through of your property by adding Virtual Hot-Spots to your tours! Place a custom Hot Spot in any tour to link to another tour. Lead your viewers from the living room to the pool area or in the master suite. Great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and demonstrate your technology advantage!

virtual tour 5

Branding is an important part of your marketing program. And at VirtualTourCafe, branding is all about you! Your tours can be branded with your agency or website colors, agent picture, contact information, website link, company logo and banner. Many brokerage logos and banners are included for you to choose from or upload your own.

virtual tour 6

A unique feature to VirtualTourCafe is our personal website branding for agents called "MyCafeGallery." All your tours are located on your personal website so you and your properties get more exposure! And you also get your personal Vanity URL!

virtual tour 7

It's not just a fad and it's not going away...
Social networking is here to stay and our system makes it easy to share your tours through websites like Facebook, Twitter, DIGG and so many more. And with "Share-IT" social networking built into our virtual tour window, your viewers will be sharing it too! 

virtual tour 8

A For Sale sign in the middle of the desert doesn't do much good! Neither does a virtual tour without distribution! Our syndicated distribution system is state-of-the-art and we get your listing the exposure it needs! At VirtualTourCafe, our motto is "List Locally - Expose Globally" and we do just that!

virtual tour 9

Tour links automatically generated to multiple formats including MLS compliant and Standard Branded for your personal or company webiste.

virtual tour 10

You and your clients will appreciate the weekly automated reports in easy to read full-color graphical charts and details. Includes important statistics such as number of views, where viewed, and which pages were viewed the most. Use this information to demonstrate your marketing expertise and make pricing decisions with data to back it up. And our reports are automated and "printer-friendly." You can even set up your clients to receive the reports automatically! Talk about staying in touch and providing value!!!

virtual tour 11

Download the entire virtual tour and burn it to CD or DVD. You can even email it to your clients as an attachment. Makes a great marketing too at your open house or Broker's tour!

virtual tour 12

  • Free hosting included with your subsciprion level
  • Maps and Aerial Views
  • Narration - create custom voice narration with soft background music
  • Video and flyer attachment to your tour
  • Floor Plans - Upload your floor plans and create Hot Spots to connect your Floor Plans to the virutal tour panorama image
  • Easy-Email Built-in to send your virtual tour to your clients or prospects
  • Panorama Stitching Software Available - Create 360 Degree or partial panorama images with desktop software at a discounted rate!
  • Free technical support and training.

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