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MyCafeOffice™ by VirtualTourCafe

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Are you a Broker/Owner who is looking for ways to increase your competitive edge? Virtual tours, Craigslist optimized e-flyers, YouTube-Style video and social netowrking integradted marketing ffers you the latest technology to stay competitive. broker image vtc

Looking for a recruiting tool or better consumer awareness to gain market share?

VirtualTourCafe was developed with your goals in mind. The online MyCafeOffice™ Broker Back Office Program offers you the tools you need to create, manage and offer stunning virtual tours, YouTube-Style video and Craigslist optimized e-flyer ads to all the agents in your office at one low cost. Your office administrator can even manage and measure all the agents marketing programs from one account!  

Here are some of the features you will find in our MyCafe Office™ Program:

  • Custom Templates - Choose from 12 Agency level design templates for all agents in your office or let each agent choose their own!
  • Security - Both the agent and broker level for individual, broker or administrative level access.
  • Graphical Reports - Office/Agency and agent level weekly reports for visibility of all marketing and agency level marketing.
  • Agent Accounts - Each agent will have an account, username, password, photo and contact information and will only be able to view their own account information.
  • Broker Account - Broker/Owner will have a secure account, username, password and access to view all agent accounts individually and/or the office as a total. Your office administrator can add, edit and manage all accounts.
  • Savings! Our broker accounts offer you several options to create a custom, low per-agent and total office marketing program. Call today for details.

Call today...877-744-8285

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