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#RealtorProblems That Only Happen in Winter

December 25 2014

We all know that during the winter you encounter certain...challenges. The true test of an agent is being able to put a positive spin on a house that doesn't quite meet the mark. One such time of the year is December thru February when the house you are showing is more than likely "winterized." It is possible to sell your house even when faced with less than desirable circumstances. Here are a few creative ways you can still make a house look appealing to sellers.

10 less-than-desirable showing situations (and how to put a positive spin them):

1. You go to show the house and all you can see is the attic window.

ss realtorproblems 01

"Just think of all the snowmen making and sledding the kids can do in the winter!"

"The roses in the springtime are really quite lovely."

2. When all you can do with the driveway is see your reflection.

ss realtorproblems 02

"Just think, you never have to go to an ice skating rink again."

3. Accidentally walking in on the seller's family while they are eating Christmas dinner.

ss realtorproblems 03

"Oh, you said we could show anytime. Don't mind us..."

"I thought it'd be nice for the buyers to see the dining room in action!"

4. Not realizing the house had pipe damage since you've been there last.

ss realtorproblems 04

"The sellers are experimenting with how a chandelier would look in this room."

"And here we have some lovely ice fixtures that are a free bonus!"

5. You get to the showing and realize you can't get into the front door.

ss realtorproblems 05

"As you can see, this front entry has a lovely winter wonderland look in the winter."

"Who needs bought decorations when you get that natural winter look?"

6. When the family goes a little overboard on the Christmas decorations.

ss realtorproblems 06

"Wow! They are really into Christmas!"

"As you can see, lots of room to put up your Christmas decorations in the front yard."

7. Going into the backyard you see this, and you aren't quite sure what it is.

ss realtorproblems 07

Maybe you should pretend you don't see it and just move on. For future reference though, this is actually a concrete dog house.

8. You stumble upon a charming new addition to the backyard.

ss realtorproblems 08

This is when you hope that the people you are showing the house to are the biggest Lord of the Rings fans ever.

"Wow...look at this cool hobbit house that your kids can play in!"

Also, try not to make this face when saying that last sentence:

ss realtorproblems 09

A.k.a the "fake smile."

9. Snow can be beautiful, but there is a thing as too much.

ss realtorproblems 10

"That is one strong roof. You know a house is built well when it can hold that much snow."

10. Then there are those inevitable moments where you just happen to have impeccable timing.

ss realtorproblems 11

Stumbling upon those awkward family Christmas photos can be quite entertaining. "What a fun family!" And then I just suggest you move on.

There are those moments however when winter does the work for you:

ss realtorproblems 12

It's not hard to sell a house when this is the winter view. If only all showings could be this beautiful, but then you wouldn't get such good practice coming up with creative, on the spot descriptions.

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