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New iOS 8 and Mac Features for Real Estate Agents

October 21 2014

macupdate techsavvyagentApple just released their new iOS 8.1 update yesterday, and everyone is talking about their new "Apple Pay" feature. However, I wanted to spend a few quick minutes giving you some highlights of the three features I think Realtors® are going to use the most in their business.

Apple enhanced the connectivity between their mobile devices and their desktop/laptop counterparts. Texting, phone calls, and internet connectivity have a seamless flow across all platforms now.

Let's start with their new SMS messaging service. On prior versions of iOS, you could only text from your iPad and desktop if you were sending messages to other iOS users. Now, it doesn't matter what platform they have. Check out Tom Ferry's video below to learn a great texting strategy, and then head to the next video to see how iOS 8.1 helps with this strategy!

Next up on the list: the ability to answer and make phone calls from your computer. When your phone rings, and it is in your purse or pants pocket, no worries. The calls come through on your computer and you can answer right there. It uses your speakers and mic on your machine, but you can also use a headset if you know you will be sitting at your desk for awhile. You can also dial out on your computer too!

Sometimes I don't want my phone to ring through to my computer, like when I am recording a screen video. At first, I had a hard time finding out where to turn that feature off. Some websites said you couldn't! You CAN turn this feature off by going into your FaceTime preferences.

The last feature is one of convenience as well. Have you ever been somewhere and needed to take out your computer and connect to the internet? Again, your phone doesn't have to leave your pocket or purse, and it can connect to your phone's hotspot without ever touching your mobile device!

Check out all three features below and some tips on how to use and setup each one.


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