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How to Show Facebook Comments on Your WordPress Blog

February 23 2011

blog world As we reported recently, 25% of the pages viewed on the Internet in the U.S. are now Facebook pages.

Guys, this is a HUGE shift. A transformation that has taken place in just a relatively short amount of time.

Don't try and mess with the flow, use it to your advantage!

Here is how to play the new game:

Write regular informative articles on your blog and post them manually on your Facebook Fan Page using a full link – DO NOT use one of the URL shortners like or the tip we are about to give you will not work.

web real estate tools image 1

No one likes to be the first to comment on a blog but it has almost become second nature to Facebookers to Like, comment and share.


web real estate tools image 2


TIP. It doesn’t hurt to ask your Fans for likes or comments either.

Ok so now you have comments on Facebook – how to get them over to your WordPress blog?

Enter the plugin Facebook Comments ImporterFacebook Comments Importer – this little baby will do the job automatically for you – all you need to do is install (free lesson herefree lesson here) and add a quick setting to get this result (see below):

web real estate tools image 3

(Note that 3 out of the 4 comments were originally made on Facebook)

The plugin checks your Facebook fan page every hour, then imports all Facebook comments back to your blog.

The plugin has a simple settings page:

web real estate tools image 4

All you need to do is enter your Facebook Fan Page ID # in the box. The easiest way to find your ID # is to click on your Facebook Fan logo and copy the numerals at the end of the URL in your browser tool bar:

web real estate tool image 5

That’s it – you are all set.

The best part is the plugin works retroactively too!

So any previous Facebook comments will now show up on your WordPress blog – how cool is that!

We have written before how blog post comments are dyingblog post comments are dying and how much harder they are to get – this plugin will give you a much needed edge.

So if you liked this quick tutorial, leave a comment below and let us know!

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