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Trouble with Twitters!

February 17 2011

Twitter bird"Just woke up to the sound of my alarm.... ahh!"

"FYI- I am moving on Saturday and need boxes - have any?"

"If they say TVs are so bad for you then why do they have one in every hospital room?"

"Mac or PC?"

"I'm so cool I make the ice cubes shiver!"

Do you ever get the feeling that your Twitter feed is a stream of too much virtual consciousness?

SuperNews recently created a cartoon to showcase the ridiculous side of Twitter... when used for musings, ramblings, and other dead giveaways to social isolation.

The good thing about real estate professionals using Twitter, most of you use this channel to share resources and provide value to your followers. Reason being?  You seek best practices or else, you have learned that people will un-follow you if you get annoying.

If you would like to see the original video, please click hereclick here.