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Real Estate Prospect Leaving too Early? Bounce Rates for Your Real Estate Website

August 27 2014

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Let's Talk About Bounce Rate

  • Do users make it to your Home Page and not use it all? Do they click on any of your listed properties or use your property search?
  • Do users click on your About Us link in your email signature and leave your About US page immediately without browsing your real estate website?
  • Do users go to your Realtor Profile page from your social media profile and leave immediately without contacting you?

In our last Real Estate Digital Marketing post, I wrote of the importance of linking your Google Analytics Accounts with their respective AdWords accounts in the wake of Google rolling out their new Bulk Importing feature that makes it easier to link multiple accounts.

In doing so, I touched on a few of the important metrics that are pulled into AdWords after linking: Bounce Rate, Pages per Visit, Average Visit Duration, and Percent of New Visits. These metrics allow you to see how users are interacting with your website and are therefore worth going over individually.

The time, effort and dollars associated with getting potential buyers and seller to visit your real estate website is all for nothing if visitors aren't actually using your webpage!

Bounce Rate Defined

Google defines it as the "percentage of single-page sessions." The lower the better!

In other words, this is the percentage of users that left without "interacting" with their "entrance" page.

Are users leaving their entrance page without interacting on your website?

Keep in mind, the "entrance page" is not always the homepage, and these days it is less and less.

In some forms of advertising you can choose where to take visitors. Examples are paid Search and Banner Ads.

In other cases, such as organic and social, you may not always choose. In organic rankings, the search engine decides what page on your website best matches up with a searcher's keyword query. And in social, you do not have control over what specific properties and their respective pages your prospects "share" with other users. And hopefully you have a platform that allows this!!

So what are your Bounce Rates?

And stay tuned for the next Digital Marketing post where we'll go over Pages Per Visit for your Real Estate website.

Note: Entrance page is synonymous with Landing Page, Destination Page/URL. (Tip: Keep switching up your vocabulary with your peers, it makes you sound smarter!)

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