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9 IFTTT Recipes For Real Estate Professionals

August 20 2014

Recipes lwolf1If This Then That (also known as IFTTT) is a free service that has become the go-to app for automating tasks between various web-based services. Whether it's on the web or through select iOS and Android apps, IFTTT offers nearly infinite ways to get the services you use working together.

IFTTT offers channels for up to 124 different services and application, spanning from popular social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, blog platforms like WordPress and Tumblr, Google services like YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar and more. I know many real estate agents employ a lot of these technologies in their day to day work, so figuring ways to get things to work in tandem is quite handy.

The service works on the simple premise that if a certain event triggers on one of the services you've added, then perform a task on a second service--hence, If This Then That. These events are handled by what are called recipes. You can browse the large library of shared recipes, or start dreaming up your own new recipes. To get you started, I've put together nine different recipes that can help you get started with the popular web automation service.

iOS IFTTT Recipes For Real Estate

When you meet a potential new client, wouldn't it be handy to add an event to your calendar to help recall when you met them? Just set-up a new Google Calendar and hook it up with this recipe.

Recipes lwolf2

Keep track of new contacts and leads by adding them to a spreadsheet that can by uploaded into your CRM software later.

Recipes lwolf3

Ask your new contact to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Recipes lwolf4

Android IFTTT Recipes For Real Estate

Want to keep a personal log of all the phone calls you make? Save them to a Google Drive spreadsheet to reference back to later.

Recipes lwolf5

Save all your text messages to a spreadsheet so you can easily search through them for relevant information.

Recipes lwolf6

When you have a phone conversation add it to your Google Calendar to keep track of when to follow up with clients.

lwolf ifttt android

Generate Real Estate Leads With IFTTT

Craigslist has its own trigger channel on IFTTT as well. Consider making a recipe that combines a local Craigslist search like "wanted real estate" or "wanted property" and have it deliver those mentions to your email inbox.

Recipes lwolf8

Recipes lwolf8Kijiji, Canada's popular online classifieds doesn't have its own channel, but you could definitely manage close to the same set-up using RSS. Use one of the aforementioned searches on the desktop and there is a link to an RSS feed at the bottom right of the page below the search results. Create an RSS trigger with that feed and you'll have leads flowing into your inbox in no time.

Recipes lwolf9

With this recipe, you can set-up a unique sales email address through Gmail and it will backup all those sales leads to a Google spreadsheet.

Recipes lwolf10


The possibilities with IFTTT are really endless, so signup and get started creating your own recipes. Or if you want some more inspiration, check out a couple more links on the topic.

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