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Introducing DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS

August 18 2014

When DocuSign acquired Cartavi, it was easy to imagine great things as a result. We waited eagerly to see what DocuSign would do with this powerful new tool in its arsenal, and we were excited to see DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS unveiled earlier this year. This week, we took a closer look with a guided tour—and we were not disappointed. So let me show you what DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS can do for your business.


The DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS dashboard is your cockpit for viewing and managing your transactions. From this home screen, you can see a quick snapshot of the latest activity related to your transactions, envelopes, and documents.

pr docusign agent 01


Each transaction is organized in its own Transaction Room. These Transaction Rooms are secure places for managing files and the people who are involved in the transaction. Viewing all of your transactions is easy with the new grid view, which allows you to quickly and easily see the number of documents in the transaction, the number of people with access to the Transaction Room, the number of envelopes in the Transaction Room, the side of the transaction to which you belong, the status of each transaction, and the identity of the person who created the Transaction Room.

pr docusign agent 02

If the grid view doesn't strike your fancy, you can also switch to a traditional list view or even a map view. Click on any transaction to enter the Transaction Room. My guide for this demo told me, "There are no secrets inside a Transaction Room," and he was right. An activity feed shows all activity performed by every person within the Transaction Room.

Transaction Rooms, as we said earlier, are for managing people as well as documents. From within the Transaction Room, you can add individuals to a transaction or adjust the access of a person who has already joined the Transaction Room. As with all DocuSign releases, the refreshing simplicity makes the process feel familiar, even if you've never used the technology before.

What if someone doesn't want to join a transaction room? You can still share documents with them via the integrated online fax or email.


As with transactions, documents are also visible in the new grid view. At a glance, you can see how many people have access, as well as the identity of the person who created the document.

Click on a document and you can learn more with a quick preview, or leverage the many tools for editing.

Cool Feature Alert: You can use the new splitting tool to split a single document into several separate documents. It is also possible to merge multiple PDFs into a single document.

Adding documents is easy. Name any file type and it is probably supported (video is the only notable exception). You can add documents from your computer, from various cloud storage solutions, or from zipForm® Plus.

Cool Feature Alert: Each DocuSign Transaction Rooms account comes with 100 GB of storage. Good luck using all that up!

pr docusign agent 03

You can also add documents via email. Each Transaction Rooms account is given a unique inbound email address. Each transaction has an ID number. If you send an email to your Transaction Room email address with a hash mark and the transaction ID (i.e. #1234567), the attachment will be added as a document to the transaction.

Cool Feature Alert: Kiss your eFax service goodbye! With the feature above, you don't need it anymore.

Have documents that you want to save, but that aren't related to a transaction? You can store those too! The My Docs section is like your personal filing cabinet. Your broker can also share documents with you here.

zipForm® Plus Integration

Integration with zipForm® Plus makes adding documents to DocuSign Transaction Rooms easy. You simply add your zipForm® Plus account in the Transaction Room settings. But wait there's more, it's about to get even easier! My guide let slip some exciting news: in the near future, zipForm® Plus will actually be embedded in DocuSign Transaction Rooms.

pr docusign agent 04


Of course, what would a DocuSign release be without eSignatures? The envelopes in Transaction Rooms are just what you're used to with the traditional DocuSign eSign interface, so I won't go into too much depth here.

pr docusign agent 05

A Note on Native Mobile Apps

In my opinion, an electronic signature solution is only as useful as its mobile application. DocuSign has done a beautiful job with its mobile presence with native apps for iPad and Android. These mobile apps provide a seamless experience, essentially the same as what you'd expect from your computer.

Cool Feature Alert: Take a photo with your tablet's camera to confirm signer identity.

Next Steps

With the benefits offered by transaction management, document management, and digital signature solutions, you can't afford not to be using this technology. But how much more valuable do these tools become when they are all integrated into a single, easy-to-use solution? This is the magic behind DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS. I invite you to look into it yourself.