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Website Writings 101

February 14 2011

Juggling 200pxIn my last post, I talked about the human attention span (or lack thereof). Now that I have your attention again, I'll get started before I get side-tracked myself.

Perhaps you simply prefer the 'DIY' approach, or perhaps hiring a professional web content writer isn't an option – regardless of the situation – a website needs words. Furthermore, a website needs more than just 'fluff' and generic content to capture the reader's attention. While some of us are more proficient with words than others, no matter how word-savvy you are, there are a few things everyone should keep in mind:

  1. The Landing Page
  2. The About Page
  3. Cut to the Chase

The Landing Page

Many times a user will find their way to your website via a listing they discovered on a search site such as Point2 Homes, Trulia, Zillow, or another syndication partner part of our growing network.  Many times they will access your website directly from the business card you gave them.  You can never be too certain how they may find you, but you can be sure they will visit your homepage.

Consider the landing page to be your very first impression.  This page should include a brief introduction to aid readers in understanding the rest of your site. Focus on answering a couple of questions:  What will users find on your site, and why should they care?

As you think of these questions, I highly recommend reading these articles as you begin to select your choice of wording:

Must Read:


The Dreaded “ABOUT” Page


No one knows us better than…well, us.  But why is writing about yourself or your company one of the most difficult things to put into words?

Any prospective buyer will want to know about you – and an About Us / About Me page is the perfect opportunity to convey your character, the personality of your company, as well as add a human touch.  A decision to purchase a home is much more than just a business transaction, but also a connection – this is your chance to make it.

Must Read:


Cut to the Chase

Gone are the days where people read every web page word for word (come to think of it, was there ever a day?).  When it comes to the web, viewers don’t read, they scan or skim. The fact of the matter is that people don’t have time to read every last word – they go straight for the juicy stuff – picking out highlighted words, headlines, links, lists (probably like you are doing right now).  Your word count should also be less than half of what is used in conventional writing.


Must Read:


Before you hit ‘Publish’ on any words on your website – Read aloud, edit, spell check, read aloud, edit again…and repeat! This will help you to avoid some of the tiniest, but most visible mistakes.

Must Read:

Last but not least, a useful tip to leave you with:  Make good use out of and – they can be your best friend when it comes to sounding unique & memorable on the web.

See you next time, when we talk about all the fun you can have with formatting!

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