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11 Key Things to Include on a Real Estate Agent Website

July 29 2014


keythings tribusAre you having trouble creating content for your site? Sometimes it's not as hard as you think. Simply take a look around your community and put yourself in the shoes of buyers and sellers: What would they want to know?


Every real estate agent must have his or her listings on a website! A great way to stand apart from other agents in your community is to include short snippets about the property, high-resolution photos and videos that showcase the home on an in-depth level.

Upcoming Community Events

Creating content about local community events shows you are active and care about the town you represent, and home buyers will appreciate the knowledge you are giving them. The culture of a neighborhood can make all the difference!

School Districts

Schools often play a very important role in the home buying decision. Staying up-to-date with school events, awards, accolades and more gives potential home buyers an inside look into the community.

Local Market Trends

Let your customers know what the other homes in the neighborhood at being priced at and some of the stats from the areas that they are thinking about. There are various online tools that can provide you with appropriate data that show the active housing marketing of specific towns.

Health Care

Providing information about the town physicians is usually a positive. Knowing your clients' questions before they ask them is always helpful for in-person meetings, but if your client can not get a hold of you, having this information on your site is always convenient.

Local Sports Team

I'm a huge sports fans, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say a lot of your leads are, too! Local sports teams, whether amateur, professional, college or high school, are often of interest to homebuyers. Keep track of who is doing what and take note of awards, titles and important events.

Common Misconceptions About Home Buying/Selling

If you are able to provide any bit of knowledge to a client or potential client regarding these areas, it shows that you care and are looking out for your client's best interest. Writing on this topic can also save you from some hassle!

Common Questions/Concerns

If you received a question from a client, past client or potential client that you can add to your website, do it! People tend to have a lot of the same questions and proactively having these answered on your site is always a plus.

Home Safety Tips

Give your readers tips on keeping a safe environment for friends and family within their homes. This can include information based on the seasons, recent news stories and more.

Mortgage Information

If your clients are looking to buy, you want to make the process as easy as possible. Provide them with information to make the process easier for them and yourself!

Ways To Improve Home Value

One of the best ways to keep clients returning to you is to act as an expert in all things home buying, selling, remodeling and living! They will refer to information like improving the value of your home even when they aren't in the market for a new house, but will likely remember you when they are.

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